Like #RSS? Know #CSS? I created a tool to generate RSS feeds from arbitrary websites using CSS selectors.
And it's called... Feed me up, Scotty!


I just pushed a new version that:

- supports pagination,
- allows narrowing down the content, and
- has configurable timeouts for feed sources.

Thanks everyone who gave it a try and provided feedback!

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feature suggestion 

@VincentTunru Thanks for sharing this, this is a very nice idea that makes an otherwise cumbersome task very easy!

One thing I've had to deal with writing HTML to RSS converters was that often it'd require some ad-hoc modification of the content you grab with selectors. e.g. there will be variation from item to item, dates will be absurd, they'll add a flashing "new" GIF as if it was the 90s, etc. In some other cases, the feeds will be much more useful if postprocessed, e.g. files can be made to enclosures, URLs could be cleaned up, etc.

In that light a scripting feature could make this tool even more powerful. IDK if it'd be possible to make the DOM available to the user, but even if it was just a random executable script with HTML in its stdin, a lot can be achieved say with Nokogiri in a Ruby script. E.g. these scripts here are for my university's announcements which can demonstrate how some feeds may require postprocessing.

feature suggestion 

@cadadr Yeah I can see the use case. I think the best approach in that case is to set up your CI job to execute the post processing script after Feed me up, Scotty! completes, and processes the generated feed rather than the HTML. Or alternatively, to just create a fork — it's a relatively small script.

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