i just noticed something: some people are including descriptions of their profile pics and header images in their bios. my reaction is,

why tf that never dawned on me before???

just added descriptions to my bio, and i highly recommend you do as well.

@cadadr I do it in a pin instead, because there's not enough space. :eyeless_frown: But yup! Those are always lovely to read, and whenever someone with one follows me, I make sure to thank them.

@Mayana I thought about that as well, but i find that those who follow without reading don't seem to care about where info appears (like i put what boils down to "I'm pretty much far left" at the first few lines of my profile, and yet fash follow requests kept coming), so I pushed my politics etc into my introduction pin.

now that i look at it again tho, i think i'll do it like you, because my descriptions are indeed terse enough that they seem require having seen the images at some point.

@cadadr Hmm. I should probably mention more about my politics. Or directly state that I am asexual. It just ... seems less important to me, somehow, to the point where I'm of half a mind to remove "enby" too. :ms_shrug:
Your image description is a little brief; I'm not sure what svg is. But it is already far, far better than nothing!

profile pic description, also politics and gender 

@Mayana updated my profile with this pinned toot . SVG is scalable vector graphics, an XML format for describing line and colour based images that can be zoomed in and out infinitely. other formats like PNG and JPEG are pixel based, so if you zoom in or out, details get smushed. SVG can't do photos tho.

i don't know about politics really. people that know you, know you. i thought being explicit about that stuff would repel people i wouldn't like to have in my follows away, but it doesn't really help in that regard. but when i'm approving follow requests, they do help as I review someone's profile. but I still check if what they say they are matches how they act.

as for gender and sexuality, i kinda refrain from that because.. i guess i don't know which labels i'd fit in. my feeling is i'd definitely fall somewhere within the realm of demiromantic / demisexual, and probably somewhere between bicurious ~ heteroflexible and maybe even agender, but idk if it's meaningful to say out loud when i'm a privileged cis dude. i also disprefer thinking in labels, philosophically speaking.

profile pic description, also politics and gender 

@cadadr Thank you for writing these! They're really awesome. Although FYI, many TTS engines, including mine, read sentences more awkwardly if the first letter isn't capitalized. The pauses are shorter, so it all feels more run-on.
But of course, if you're writing like this due to personal reasons, then those outweigh this minor inconvenience. :eyeless_smile:
Yeah, I get you. Labels are difficult. Right now I am sure I fit some -- the next moment, I'll be having doubts again. I think they can be meaningful and would not wish them abolished, but I understand those who'd rather not bother with them.

re: profile pic description, also politics and gender 

@Mayana Oh no! I didn't know that! I'll be tooting with proper capitalisation from now on. Thanks for mentioning that!

For labels, I think what I intended to say is, I am more comfortable using them descriptively, than identifying with them. It's more about how I approach it. I totally respect if people prefer identifying with them, so long as they are not gatekeeping / hating (you know, stuff like "bisexuals aren't fully queer", or "trans people are going too far", or TERFs).

re: profile pic description, also politics and gender 

@cadadr Nah. As I said, if you have good personal reasons for writing the way you do, there's no need to change that because of this. It sounds a little weird, but a lot of things on the internet do. :ms_smile:
That is how I read it, don't worry. And agreed; any sort of lack of tolerance is awful.

re: profile pic description, also politics and gender 

@Mayana Thank you! :blobcatheart:

@Mayana I've been thinking lately about including sexuality/gender/etc. in my bio. I used to have a lot of details like that but a short while ago I erased almost all of it.

Now I'm thinking "what do I actually talk about on masto, what do people need to know about me here?" So I added back that I have a linguistics degree and I'm partially sighted. I want people to know where I'm coming from, since I argue about disability and language, haha! @cadadr

@bright_helpings It's hard figuring out what you talk about, isn't it? It's mostly general things over here, as well. Like, my post about army chocolate yesterday definitely doesn't fit into anything I mentioned in the bio. And while technology is in there, I barely ever post about it myself, just boost others. :ms_shrug:
If you feel comfortable with including it, go ahead! I used not to because I didn't, because it seemed like a weirdly private thing to say, somehow.

@bright_helpings @Mayana I include "linguist" in my display name as a content warning 😜

@cadadr I've been doing that for a while since there was no other way to describe those. I didn't include a header description this time around though, going to try adding that now if there's enough space.

@ljwrites You can add a pinned comment for that too, that way you'd have ample room for descriptions. Mayana suggested that upthread, and I switched to doing that because indeed not much room for detail in the bio, even if you use all the bio for descriptions.

@cadadr I need to do that. I think a pinned toot may work better. I want to change my avi but haven't thought of a good alternative yet.

@greyor Yup I went that way too, after it was recommended by Mayana in the thread. I came up with this toot which I pinned

@cadadr oh absolutely, credit where credit is due, I saw their recommendation in the thread myself and loved the idea. Thanks for the suggestion in general!

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