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(just moving bits from my bio to here, nothing new)

One '90s kid from Turkey.

Within linguistics I mainly ❤️ sociolinguistics, phonology, & usage based grammars, in no particular order (but I'm currently working on an MA thesis on phonology of Turkish). Combining theoretical and experimental work is my jam.

I'm also interested in (teaching) computing in social sciences and fully open research & science.

Been fiddling with computers since I was 11. I mostly hack Emacs Lisp, Python, R, Perl and shell, but I'm a total proglang nerd and ❤️ learning about all langs. I'm also interested in declarative reproducible systems. My stuff at:

Follows welcome but please read my profile first. Formerly @cadadr.

👍 social justice/equity, lgbtqia+ rights, sustainable energy and consumption, (guerrilla) open culture/science, anti{fasc,capital,colonial}ism, anti{patri,hier}archy, software freedom, right to privacy

🖕 wars, guns, hate, violence, fascism, capitalism, patriarchy, fundamentalism, and all that jazz; also fuck personal car ownership and planes

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