is there a way to get mastodon web UI to use browser provided scroll bars?

i effin HATE custom scrollbars. why do people fuck about with scrollbars?

also, while at it, why why why a scroll up animation? just jump to there. or at least don't steal my scrollbars so i can middle click to jump instantly...

one day i'll learn godot or something and write a game where the player attacks web devs with toolkit scroll bars (melee) and push buttons (ranged), and every time you hit them the contrast of a web page they made improves.

every five levels there's a boss fight where you fight brendan eich, and you're armed with rainbow coloured shurikens.

final boss is douglas crockford and you have to beat him with javascripts good parts, as he attacks you with javascripts bad parts.

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@cadadr 🤣 I hate the eye strain that the low contrast fad is giving me so much... and my contrast vision is NOT impaired.

@emacsomancer these alternatives are nice, but i do like the four column layour and automatically loading new stuff.

it's just these scrollbars that often cause annoyances...

@cadadr I like the four-column view too, and the various other niceties it offers. I wonder if there is any css-level hack for scrollbars.

@cadadr Firefox has a setting to disable custom scroll bars. That's prolly the best you can do.

@cadadr Mastodon web UI literally doesn't use custom scrollbars

@gargron @cadadr they don't look like my system ones...? what technique is used then?

@cwebber @cadadr It's just CSS. We don't even change the size or anything, just colors

@gargron I've never used the css scrollbar extension before so I didn't personally know that was an option, guessing @cadadr didn't either.

So, it looks like the *browser* replaces with a custom scrollbar rather than the css one.

@cwebber @cadadr If the browser renders the scrollbar, then by definition it isn't a custom one. Custom scrollbars refers to HTML elements that reimplement scrollbar functionality using JavaScript, something we make no use of in Mastodon.

@Gargron @cadadr I can confirm that middle-click to direct jump works and skips the animation in Firefox 89

@schmittlauch @Gargron i'm normally on qutebrowser 2.x, but I'm testing on FF78 ESR atm and they don't respond to middle click at all. Qutebrowser it behaves like PgDown. on FF I seem to have to left-click to scroll to click. what a mess...

sorry Eugen, seems to be a browser problem indeed...

guess I should give up and get a Mac...

@cadadr and that's how most FLOSS projects start.

By ranting big time.

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