@cadadr Well ... I suppose she is right. And I ... suppose this is fine ... :ms_pensive:

@Mayana IDK... part of me says "I'll raise my daughter (if I have one, and I reeeeaallly want one) like this", but part of me says this cutieball is just way too young to know this stuff... she has the cutest smile ever on her face tho, as if she weren't describing a dystopia and mentioning death 😆

@cadadr @Mayana kids are intense, man. My mom recalls me hating first grade so much I asked her, "Why live if life is meant to be this miserable?" 😂 Obviously neither of my parents taught me to be quite so pessimistic, but I read a lot and no doubt picked up on things around me.

@ljwrites @Mayana not exactly the same thing but I just recalled how back in the first day of first grade I caught my dad by the belt and it got half undone just so he doesn't leave the classroom... in the middle of a crowd that's almost entirely made up of kids and their moms.... poor guy 😂 😂 😂

@cadadr That's the weird thing about kids. They can at once understand a lot and not quite make the last step towards existential horror. Probably for the best.

@Mayana if only we could stay that way and never take that last step...

@cadadr I love that you did a translation for English speaking folks, but also captioned the video for both #blind and #deaf people. This is how it's done! Thank you very much for being a great example to others. Big thumbs up!

@Superfreq Oh, you're welcome, and thanks for your kind words 😊

FWIW, as for the translation, the video had translated captions in it, I just transcribed it in the description.

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