Just found out you can use a midi keyboard to control !! if you have a midi keyboard, try this:

First, download

Then, evaluate the following:

(require 'midi-kbd)

;; Look under /dev/snd, modify if necessary
(midikbd-open "/dev/snd/midiC3D0")

(global-set-key (kbd "<Ch1> <up-C_3>")
(lambda ()
(message "hi")))

On the keyboard, press and release C in the 3rd octave, the message "hi" will appear in the echo area.

@cadadr M-X-chorded-keystrokes-with-rhythm-volume-and-sustain

@cadadr Hmm, five model Ms plus a MIDI organ 32x pedalboard for modifiers, and I can finally rock my Emacs Bach-style.

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