Do you know where I first learned about this trick [trick being TERFs calling non-transphobe feminists Trans Rights Activists]? From people who opposed the gay rights movement. “Gay rights activist” was a phrase I saw bandied about a lot while I was growing up, as though wanting to be able to marry one’s partner instantly transformed a person into some sort of unreasonable lobbyist, while opposing it was just the normal and natural thing to do. Frequently they’d have one gay person who agreed with them to put on a pedestal, the proof that they didn’t actually hate gay people — at least not the ones who’d sit down and shut up and accept whatever scraps they were given.

“Much-banned”? You wrote one of the best-selling books of all time and the best-selling series of all time. You have sold at least one book for every fourteen humans alive and made almost a dozen movie deals. When you tweet, it trends for days and makes national headlines. Your freedom of speech is not at risk here — and if it were, you could probably afford to inscribe whatever you wanted to say on the face of the moon.

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‘Parents online were describing a very unusual pattern of transgender-identification where multiple friends and even entire friend groups became transgender-identified at the same time. I would have been remiss had I not considered social contagion and peer influences as potential factors.’

There’s no mystery to be solved here, anyway. Talk to a single queer person (who isn’t isolated due to factors beyond their control) and I’ll bet you they have disproportionately many queer friends. People who are alike tend to clump together, especially if they sense that society at large is uncomfortable with them. All that’s been observed here is that trans teenagers form friend groups, and when one of them comes out, the others feel confident enough to come out as well. And their parents don’t like it, because of a culture that includes essays like this from household names with massive platforms.

lol "queer folk tend befriend queer folk and support each other", who would've thought!

How does someone whose dumb enough to look at this and think it's "contagion" or "peer influence" before entertaining the idea that it's "like people seek out each other's support" and "oppressed folk are also rejected and left alone by society" become a scientist? What is this, Fake Naivete Studies?

Queer kids disproportionately befriend queer kids because fuckwits like teenage-me avoid them or hate them.

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IDK if I'll read all of this (it's long, the matter is clear by now, and there's a Sedat-drop to watch comments about) but the following is clear to me.

JK Rowling is rich af. She is a TERF. She is also a bootlicker to aristocrats and politicians. She is a "philantropist", i.e. a rich fuck that believes they are superior to poor wankers and throws money at problems that sound interesting to their superior existence with the expectation that those problems resolve in ways they favour, regardless of whether the outcomes benefit the lowlings they "help".

Philanthropy is a form of exploitation. It's a means to gain power and influence in a combination of ways. Some say it's a way to whitewash one's shitty past, e.g. in case of Gates etc., but no. Maybe a small part of it, but not all. Through philanthropy the rich establish power over the "beneficiaries". They buy direct and indirect influence. They launder money.

Rowling is a rich boot-licking TERF that sees every trans man as a woman lost to "the other side", and every trans woman as the soldier of an invasion force of men into womanhood. She sees the bodies of people, young people esp., as a battleground. Just like the kings and politicians think of their subjects as soldiers or workers that can be sorted into ranks, shaped into a picture, and spent as a resource. Her philanthropy is an investment in her perceived validity and relevance, and in her personal feelings maybe. Like the rest of philanthropy, it isn't about people.

Fuck the bones the rich throw at us. Fuck the rich, as well. Same with TERFs and those of their ilk.

Also fuck anybody with an aristocratic title in their name. Baroness? More like boring ass.

This is incomplete. Philanthropy is not only a means to gain power, but to retain it.

Guess what happens when you get people to depend on philanthropy for their survival or for the realisation of their dreams. You keep them essentially-poor and dependent on you, at least for a duration.

I received student loans. Now I'm controlled by the state, until my payments end. Where did the money I had received go? Huge percentage back to the state in the form of taxes. But I pay back with interest. One receives a scholarship. Where does the money go? Either back to the rich through capitalism, or to the state, through which again back to the rich through state capitalism, tax cuts, and what not. I'm also often bound to avertise them everywhere, and most often work this many years in that company or similar.

Philanthropy is an investment, done with a positive expected ROI whether monetary and/or in the form of physical/intellectual/emotional labour. The power and possibilites we're deprived of is consequently utilised to exploit us through various stock markets, one of whish is the "humanitarian exchange", which is what philanthropy is.

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This whole thread should've been cw'ed btw. I'm sorry about that, really hope I did not inconvenience anybody (or traumatise, given some quotes could do that).

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trans women's health, menstruation 

The whole talk about "bio women" in there is infuriating.

I've recently learned that trans women too experience the menstrual cycle, albeit in a different manner of course. I've learned it's a psychologically and physically intense process and some even end up hurting themselves.

So no, a "menstruators" that includes more than "natal women" is not wrong.

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male supremacy in harry potter novels 

But yes, let us talk about Harry Potter and how it reflects your values. Zero non-heterosexual characters mentioned within the canon. But more of interest: where are the women? The main character, a boy; his mentor and the primary authority figure, a man; the teacher he’s at odds with, a man; the rival and entourage, all boys; his best friend, a boy; the awkward coward who gets a late redemption arc, a boy; the primary antagonist, a man; the sympathetic adult confidant, a man; the rediscovered long-lost family member, a man; the endlessly regenerating Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers, all men except for the cartoon villain Umbridge. The Weasleys have seven children; six are boys. Two of the Hogwarts founders are men, and two women… ah, but the men are the founders of the two plot-important houses. Vernon is clearly the head of the Dursley family, and their only child is a boy. On it goes.

Girls can aspire to be the nerd no one likes (hey, that’s me!), the insane woman no one believes, the abusive monster, the nurse with no personality, or one of a handful of love interests. McGonagall is extremely cool and can turn into a cat, I grant you. And I think there was someone named Bellatrix? But wasn’t she a Death Eater?

Caps it off.

I only watched a couple HP movies as a kid, and hey, Ron is the silliest, regular-est boy ever and yet he gets to be a proragonist, while Hermione has to be an exceptional child prodigy to become a coprotagonist. What about that? And, correct me if I'm wrong but, doesn't she try to become a "real girl" multiple times, and doesn't the movies and maybe the books include the age old "tomboy-puts-on-makeup-lol" trope uncritically? (it's been a loooong time since I last watched, I might me confusing movies here, I'm sorry if these weren't in the movies but I do vaguely recall these elements) Hermione is smarter than Harry, better than him in every respect, but he's "Chosen". What a coincidence, just like "He" has always been "chosen", by the divine beings, by history, by revolutions, by rationals, by everyone. What does Hermione get to do? Clean up after Harry and Ron, babysit them, make sure they don't botch shit. Guess what the role of Hermione is in this story? Spoiler: ideal bourgeoise woman! Smart, but docile. Independent, yet loyal. Able, yet passive. Mentally, emotionally, and pyshically supporting and satisfying to men around her, generally for no return. Furthermore, her sophistication is unexpected, surprising, and out of place. And all this uncritically. I didn't read the books but it sure doesn't feel like Rowling's portraying any of this as something to be fixed.

Look at the feminist icon that is JK Rowling!

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single sex spaces, sexual assault 

And finally I want to cap this off myself saying this: single sex spaces are not safe spaces. I say that as a cis het man who's faced abuse in male only single sex spaces myself, and as someone who's listened to accounts of abuse and assault from cis het and cis bi women friends that experienced it in female only single sex spaces.

Single sex spaces aren't these exceptionally safe spaces. Not only is that a lie, it's also bi and gay/lesbian erasure. How's a bisexual woman or a gay man, say, is supposed to feel safe in a space filled with cis people? Where they need to prove their conforming to some construal of sex before entry? For something as humane as taking a dump or making their bladder gladder? What about intersex people?

Let me tell you where sexual and physical assault most regularly happens (imagine me staring in this TERF's eyes with my worst bad boy face, maybe I even spit some tobacco or something): in the office, at home, at school, on the street, in clubs, bars etc. Where is it the most prevalent? In. The. Home. Who does it the most? Family. Relatives. Friends. Significant others. Spouses. Why does it happen so often and so insidiously? In part because pieces of shit like you and your politician friends are more preoccupied with sorting people into "correct" bathrooms than to actually use your power and platform towards eradicating abuse and assault and discrimination, distracting the efforts towards that goal and enabling abuse through emboldening abusers, giving them, among others, "excuses" like "they were in the wrong space at the wrong time with wrong attire".

Thanks for bearing with me. Hope this didn't come off as if or ended up being me stealing the stage from queer folks and women regarding this topic, and sorry again for the missing CWs.

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male supremacy in harry potter novels 

@cadadr I was utterly disappointed how the only really relatable character — the stereotypically autistic Luna Lovegood, of course — who so clearly yearned to be loved and befriended that she even decorated her room with pictures of her friends, was not even mentioned in the appalling epilogue.

Like I get it, that's how the world treats us, but weren't these supposed to be *fantasy* books about how friendship beats all the hardships?

re: male supremacy in harry potter novels 

@Stoori I want to say something but don't know what exactly to say, so, :blobcathearthug:

re: male supremacy in harry potter novels 

@cadadr Thank you!

Anyway, it is quite surprising that the stereotypical autist was represented by a girl. Makes me suspect that the traits were incorporated into one person by accident, or that the one whose name shall not be mentioned didn't herself see that she was writing an autistic character. :P

re: male supremacy in harry potter novels 

@cadadr Hah! Yeah. Anyway, I haven't heard her claiming that Luna *was* autistic, it was just my own interpretation as I read the books.

terrible TERFs, JK Rowling 

@cadadr Also worth noting that lesser advocacy doesn't "cancel out" greater advocacy. When someone says "wasn't Rowling acting all woke on Twitter for a while before this?" I like to ask them if they'd take an oil company seriously if they constantly emphasize their "green future" full of solar panels while lobbying against climate legislation.

If you want to look at problematic messages in her books, I can think of no better example than the house-elves (a race of sentient creatures who live in indentured servitude or slavery, depending on whom you ask). When "nerd girl" Hermione decides to fight for their liberation, she's branded as what would eventually be known as a "whiny sjw" by...the main characters. And it turns out that the elves are happy to work if they're just treated well, and dislike her for trying to stand up for them.

That's right, kids: structural issues concerning labor with roots in slavery aren't real. The real problem is that people need to be nice to each other!

When I point this out, people like to roll their eyes and say something like "dude, they're kids' books". I assume these people have never read Terry Pratchett. Or hell, even Lemony Snicket.

@cadadr My only objection to calling JKR a TERF (vs. a transmisogynist) is that there's nothing "radical" or "feminist" about a fantasy world where the only career options for non-evil witches are "Hogwarts teacher" or "stay-at-home mom".

femicide, sexual assault 

@cidney I love this, she's literally too bad to even be a TERF 🤣

Honestly tho, I too felt that way reading the article. Quoted words are really hurtful to cis het "natal women" she supposedly cares so much about, too. Like, there's a femicide a day here in turkey in the last decade. It's not random men or trans women in bathrooms or pools, it's their (ex-)boyfriends/husbands most often. The whole discourse is incredibly dismissive of such realities. Not only femicides, but also rape, beatings, etc. I do one googling and it's the same in US stats: the main space women get assaulted is home, and the main culprits are the "dearest" people. But no, bathrooms and changerooms are the most important things! And trans women, regularly facing hate crimes and murders themselves, are the biggest thread! It's "almost" as if she's trying to distract from structured male violence against women, and be a transphobe in the meantime...

@cidney @cadadr there's also the scheming journalist. which in retrospect seems to like a self-insert.
and also the career choice of most TERFs on TERF Island.

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