The whole of Turkey waiting for the next vid of whistleblower mafioso guy at 6pm in response to the interior minister.

As the saying goes, this one fun country if only I weren't living in it.

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So pro tip in case you want to take part in a corrupt but only semi-totalitarian regime, do not fucking face time with mobsters, make sure you aren't recorded.

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So what happened is, the mobster boi just published a facetime call with a moustache dad that the interior minister bald boi yesterday told was a close friend, and in the facetime call the mobster boi says how he helped the IM all the time, how he took part in his corrupt bs, etc., and how he expected him to facilitate his return to the country, and how he suddenly turned his back on him (the mobster). The moustache man was approving and agreeing all the time, telling he will try to intervene.

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And his video has 210k views within 20 minutes of publication. Not even CGP grey is capable of that.

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@cadadr what the hell is this wild tiiiimes

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@ljwrites It's the goverment crumbling. Because they exhausted all the other feet to step on, they're now stepping on each others' feet and tails.

I mean there's a whole lot to talk about regarding how power is structured in Turkey and how these thugs gathered so much power. I could explain a bit if you want. But a tl;dr is, one reaps what one sows...

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@cadadr the government is based on Facetiming with criminals? What the hell is going onnnn whatever it is, please tell me Erdogan will be gone!!

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[ I'm really sorry for this behemoth of a reply, I didn't intend it this way. This is like 13k chars and if you don't want to read it, that's totally understandable to me. I think I needed the katharsis of just noting down a coherent account of what I had to live through the last 20 years, 4/5 of my life almost, and just spilled the beans. ]

🤣 wait, don't rush, not just the time for him yet. but a very important figure of the govt, the current interior minister, is getting deeply fucked up. That of course extends to the whole govt, and they're done for, but it'll take an election, premature or not (probably premature).

The situation is this. Turkish right wing, composed mainly of nationalists and religious conservatives, whose intersection is large but nowhere near comprehensive, has increasingly become more intertwined with organised crime. This is a decades long business. Nationalists especially have been looked after by the global cold war regime. When the red scare ended and they've been left to their own means, many moved over to organised crime and deep state. The conservatives instead were mostly discriminated against until the 80s, when, post-coup, with the Özal govt, they steadily gained ground, as conservative-libertarian ideology started to grow and these organised around religious sects, one of which is the Gulenists. They were more into business and libertarian right wing corruption. These were, until mid 90s-early 2000s, minorities, as the majority in Turkey was the group we could call seculars, basically the educated, modernist, kemalists that took up white collar jobs, government jobs, and also constituted the military. This group also includes/ included the majority of the cultural elite, the artists, writers, actors, etc. The republican reforms had favoured them, and maybe you recall from the hijab ban talk recently, we had a long standing ban of similar nature, expressly put in place to keep the religious conservatives out of the state. This is not really simple anti-religious hate, the root cause is this sect was pro-imperial during WWI and after, and the republic was basically a revolt against the ottoman empire and the actual thing that not only ended it, but also the muslim caliphate, which was abloished, and the royals exiled. The republic had to protect itself from restorationists, and did so with an iron fist. Ofc the republic was also a modernisationist movement, and saw everything Ottoman and islamic as "mürteci", i.e. wishing to return to the status quo ante, which is the islamic empire. Whatevs, I digress. So, in modern Turkey, you can map hardline nationalists to MHP and the recent IYIP parties, soft secular republican nationalists and the centrist seculars to CHP (kinda like current US Dems, but more decidedly social democrat), and AKP is the last iteration of a party for religious conservatives, and past-2002, spineless opportunists. The precursors of these started gaining power in the 90s, which is dark times for turkey, under clashes of the military, police, and far right paramilitary versus the remnants of pre-1980-coup (far-)left, the PKK (the pro-kurdish guerrilla revolutionaries, with a major terrorist component), and the kurdish populus in general. The conservatives gained and secured power, both political and business-wise, and their sects, the Gulenists first and foremost, as well. Similarly, the hardline nationalists found more space in business and politics throughout the 90s. The seculars and their CHP instead was struggling, losing and gaining power ever since the introduction of full democracy in 1946, but overall receding.

When the 2000 crisis hit, the govt was a coalition of all of these fuckers. We faced very harsh inflation, million lira became the unit currency, the govt went in to crisis, to eventually end up in premature elections in 2002. AKP was first established around this time as a usual right wing religious conservative libertarian opportunist party. They were mostly composed of the contents of other right wing parties of various walks, had a progressive agenda, business friendly, freedom for all, rights for everyone, remove the anti-islamic oppression, and all that jazz. A few months before the election, Erdogan, previously mayor of istanbul from the major religious conservative party, now the leader of the nascent AKP, was jailed for reciting a religious poem. Elections came and AKP gained about 35% of the vote. Erdogan was banned from politics at that point, for the above offence. CHP got ~20%, and all other parties, previously part of the coalition, got just below 10%, the parliamentary treshold, so only ~55% of the votes were effective and suddently AKP gained a huge, totally unexpected victory. I vividly remember how nobody admitted to voting for AKP, how everyone was timid, shy and secretive about it. I was in elementary school back then.

Up until late 2000s, AKP rule was a decent, progressive one. The religious clothing bans were lifted, for the first time veiled women were allowed to freely study at universities and take public offices, or become MPs. EU membership process accelerated significantly. Business was prospering, TL was prospering. the IMF policies were being implemented, and the debts of Turkey were being paid. At some point the exchange rate was USD1 == TRY 1.2. There were huge steps forward in dealing with the oppression against the Kurds. The ever present iron fist of the military, acting since 1920s as guardians of the revolution, was finally subdued to the government.

But, in the meantime, nationalists were consolidating, and MHP was growing. At that point tho they were at complete odds with conservatives, as they've long been. Meanwhile, corruption was taking hold, Gulenists were growing ever more powerful, and starting to gain foothold in the statal establishment. Erdogans support was growing, sailing comfy above 50%, but the components of his power wanted more than what he offered. So, the government slowly became more and more oppressive, and started to explicitly abuse massive power. That lead to major protests, the biggest of which was the Gezi protests, after which we began to see the cruel face of Erdogan. We were slowly turning into a police state. later, they had a falling out with Gulenists, who attacked with accusations and proofs of corruption. We learned how corrpution was become many times bigger than it ever was. They were defated, but the regime grew ever more paranoid and weaker. Also crumbled the relations with the Kurdish party, HDP, as reforms on that front stalled and the regime grew tighter and harsher.

Also, since 2007, some referendums changed the constitution significantly. The most significant being the one where it was decided that the president of the republic would be elected by popular vote, instead of a parliamentary vote. Presidency was mostly symbolic in Turkey, it was the prime minister and the cabinet that constituted the govt. The president had to resign from their party. It was to remain that way, but the vote would be popular. (it didn't remain that way, wink wink)

in 2014 Erdogan was elected as president of the republic by the popular vote. He was, as expected, as partisan as the zeitgeist allowed, a totally unprecedented thing in Turkey.

Then came the elections of 7 June 2015. Fuck that day. After 13 years, erdogan's support had fallen considerably. He only managed some 40-odd%. Low, considering AKP was the ruling meta-right wing party at that point. The results were damned. The alternatives were a MHP, CHP, AKP coalition, but all of these hated each other. the other was CHP, MHP, and HDP, but MHP was hardline against that. There was a 45 day period to form the government before calling elections again. Out of nowhere, PKK executed a couple police officers, did a couple attacks, in a way that totally desn't pattern with their usual ways mind you, and turkey started bombing the shit out of iraq, and in that climate the 45-day period ended, and the terror continued till elections in nov 2015. Now, 90s and early 2000s were still vivid in memory, where every day some soldiers were killed by PKK militants, where terrorist attacks were rampant, and your average Turk would do anything to go back to those times. This was also the first elections where the kurdish party cleared the 10% threshold, gaining support from leftist turks (e.g. I voted HDP in both 2014 and both 2015 elections), as it assumed a very active opposition position and had the major thrust against AKP's votes. This was ofc not favourable to your average Turk. So they did the dumbest thing, and voted AKP as the sole ruling party. MHP turned around and quickly became an ally to AKP, unprecedented shit. So much so that the party splat in half.

It's around this time that opportunists started flocking to AKP, who was also in the process of removing gulenists from power and dealing with internal dissent. That eventually lead to the 2016 coup d'etat attempt by gulenists in the military. I still remember fighter jets flying above our district, our windows shaking, audible sonic booms. Helicopters fired in central districts of Ankara. one of my brothers friends happened to live nearby and witness. The coup failed, then came the purges, the state of emergency / semi martial law, the state of terror and police state. in 2017 we had yet another referndum, introducing Turkey to the presidential government system. Erdogan became the president in 2018 and AKP gained a thin majority, in these elections under the state of emergency.

All along AKP was installing their people to all public offices imaginable. They were buying and consolidating media, and after 2013 outright crushing dissenting outlets under the guise of anti-terror. During these elections the AKP establishment was not only holding political power, but entire mainstream media, including statal media, had become pro-govt. They have also gained control of the police, the military, and the judiciary arm of the state. The system is still a democracy, a republic, but effectively it's party controlled, as they control all the machinery of the state.

The popularity of AKP is made up of two big components: dignification of long-oppressed religious conservatives, and a big ass country wide wealth transfer from former secular elite towards the new conservative-façaded AKP bourgoisie. Despite all their corruption, a post-akp turkey could mean a return to the status quo ante, and the stripping of power, and maybe even the gained equality, from this minority, so they voted, and still vote AKP.

But CHP has changed in meantime, and started fixing its anti-islamic reputation, culminating in the HUGE 2019 mayoral victory of Imamoglu, an openly devout muslim but a full laicist. The ideal muslim of turkey: modern, moderate, secularist, laicist.

Since esp. 2016, the economic miracle has been completely murdered. Turkish lira tumbled. The state grew extremely incompetent after wave after wave of purges, as incompetent loyalists got installed eveywhere. As transferable wealth disappeared, the whole pyramid scheme began to dissolve. From 2016 on, the regime started to punish its own former supporters, which increasingly ate into its support. In 2018, AKP required the open and full support of MHP plus the entire communicative and political apparatus of the state to net a win. Their denigration campaigns no longer had people believe. They lost all their credibility over the last 4 years, culminating in the utter botching of the management of the pandemic.

It's in this climate that this mafioso boi, after being betrayed by boots he licked, started spilling the dirty clothes. It's nothing unexpected really, but the thing is the corruption everyone knew existed is being corroborated by an indisputable source: a bitter insider. He is mainly attacking the interior minister and some MPs who did him wrong, via videos on his youtube channel, sometimes offering recorded facetime calls with people that corroborate longstanding corruption and nepotism and the fact that mafiosos like Peker have infiltrated the state and penetrated AKP very deeply, but this is of course hurting the entire regime, which is acting erratically as apparently there's a big power struggle betwen erdogan and his loyalists, versus a faction that seems to be more in line with opportunists and nationalists, which includes the IM. It's a sharks womb and they are eating away the little support they have. Their asses will be thoroughly kicked whenever the election happens (and it will happen). But the soonest effect will probably be the IM resigning or getting kicked out, maybe along with a couple other MPs (AKP has a thin majority, so they can't really risk a big purge). Basically we're learning how govt has replaced lost popular and sectarian support with that of mobsters, whom have earned tremendous favours, living above the law. Again, it isn't like these are breaking news, but being corroborated by a figure like this mafia boi is unprecedented. Plus of course major breakage like this is indisputable proof of a failing, fading away, decomposing govt and set of structures of power.

When the elections will happen, a lot will change. There's a whole generation and a half, me incldued, that'll be asking, "why did 20 years of our lives were squandered". The losses are big, but there's chance for recovery. It's evident from the aftermath of mayoral successes of the opposition. This is just one step in that direction.

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@cadadr Ho. LY. SHEET. This is epic in every sense of the word, the ultimate political soap opera! And a mafioso is pulling down the regime's shitstained pants from a fucking YouTube channel?!! It can only be real because it's so ridiculous, if it were fiction there's no way it could be this delightfully, agonizingly weird.

Thanks for a great read. And you explained it so clearly even I could mostly follow along! I bet you could edit this and get it published, it's such a valuable insight into recent events in Turkey! Omg lmao.

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@ljwrites Anytime! Hopefully I'm learning to ask for permission before dropping these tirades.

I could get it published (and maybe I'll make this into a gemlog post), but honestly, I could only do that if I felt the slightest attachment to this country, which I just... cant. I feel betrayed, robbed of a homeland, disillusioned, and robbed of my youth, along with probably most of people of my age (and it's not only the current govt). I don't feel like lifting a finger for it before it earns back my love and sympathy, let alone potentially get into trouble for its good.

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@cadadr I hope it can earn your trust back over time :blobcatheart: you deserve so much better.

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@ljwrites @cadadr
I totally agree with L.J.!

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@bhaugen @ljwrites Thank you both :blobcatheart:

@clement On the mobster's youtube channel

Looks like the guy way active on youtube for a while. Recently, like since a couple weeks ago, he started releasing secrets, after the government started cracking on him and his family, including admissions of guilt relating to very high profile political assassinations. It's literally taken the country by fire. Erdogan is silent, the IM is trying to save face, but utterly failing and fucking up even more in the process. The guy's literally thrown the biggest monkey wrench into the politics ever 🤣

@cadadr yes, I follow this. I'm in Ankara, in one room, there is halk TV, the other one, ulusal kanal ^^
I'll watch the latest video. Thanks.

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