@cadadr I love how they're shitting their pants over at Facebook

sarcasm, Nice Guys tm 

@ljwrites @cadadr

Wow, Facebook users are total bitches. 😤 Zuck is such a nice guy, how dare they reject him

re: sarcasm, Nice Guys tm 

@winter @ljwrites He's the most realistic humanoid robot I've ever seen, I bet he can even pretend to have feelings sometimes. Kinda makes you feel sad for him indeed.

@ljwrites I'm sure af it's not only Facebook. Anybody who survives off of dirty ad tech money's probably losing their shit.

Gotta love how capitalism is eating itself.

@cadadr Google seems quiet about it, maybe because its primary data harvestor is its search and its apps aren't generally downloaded through Apple's store.

@ljwrites Might be the bad press they've got recently, too. Firing AI ethics people the most recent I recall.

I'm trying to think of a Google app that an apple user would use that'd maybe yield useful data. Gmail, Drive, Docs&c come to mind, and all of the useful data of these are on Google's servers already. So maybe indeed they think like "it's just a little bit of data anyway, let's not make a fuss about it, now that people are mad about privacy issues".

@MCSKATKAT Artist's impression:

"Lemme check what's the old fellows up to... what's this thing saying? damn I don't have my reading glasses on... okay, okay, get out of my way... oh, look at how johnny's got old, margaret! he was so handsome back then. he never looked after himself well though..."

Jokes aside tho it's probably mostly accidental clicks/taps or people just not reading it. Not an Apple user so don't know what exactly they encountered.

@cadadr @MCSKATKAT This is surprisingly accurate, unfortunately. I know a lot of folks (not all are elderly, some in their 40s) who really don't process anything electronic. They're not dumb, just wired not to understand tech

This is what the global switch looks like on iOS in Settings > Privacy

@cadadr @MCSKATKAT It wasn't for me and I had to turn it off myself. I've heard conflicting info on this. Maybe the switch is off depending on several other settings

@frustratedantiquarian I love how this makes one thing very obvious: the whole industry is built on the incredulity and unawareness of the general population. "They totally comply with it when we do it hideously, Senator. It's only a problem when we can't just secretly exploit people, otherwise people seem to totally want it when we don't ask for their permission."

repetitive ha ha, not screen reader friendly 

@cadadr hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha fuck off facebook

@cadadr yeah but, "The number of people worldwide opting out for tracking stands at 12%, which is still bad and may continue to be worse." which is pretty much the exact opposite =(

@TheRealPomax I did not really understand that statistic tbf. Is it 12% of iOS users worldwide, or Facebook users, and what version of iOS?

@cadadr images.fastcompany.net/image/u suggests it's opt-out rate for all users for all apps on the only IOS that gives people the option to do that (because pre 14.5 you didn't get that choice).

@cadadr If I don’t even have Facebook does that mean I’m among the 4%?

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