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It's one of those days that could've been very productive if I could go out for a walk and head to the library... but instead zero work is done.

My advisor was kind enough to tell me "no rush"---which is like the last thing you ever say to me, 'cause shit won't get done in time if you say that---but it's not that.

It's just, there's this kind of boredom that, if I take a walk around the city and grab a little coffee somewhere, turns into desire to do work, but if instead I'm home sitting in front of the screen, becomes this adversity to do anything on my todo list, work or not.

Many times I see autism and/or ADHD come up when similar feelings are mentioned, but I doubt that's my case. I am prone to my mind wandering and having trouble focusing sometimes, but it's never really been this... going into stand-by mode thing for me before. I'm a fairly organised and productive guy actually. Or I was.

I think it's the lockdown and the accrued boredom. It's double the lockdown for me because I'm not living alone and mom's like.. imagine a respiratory/circulatory disease and she has it, so I need to be extra careful. The result is almost anything can snap me out of the "flow", and sometimes I grow detached.


covid, lockdowns, (un)productivity, mh ~ 

@cadadr yeah, ADHD and ND folk including me have commented on NT people developing symptoms similar to ADHD and other executive symptoms in lockdown. Here's an article about it:

covid, lockdowns, (un)productivity, mh ~ 

@ljwrites Thanks, that was a great read, totally relatable.

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