Just found out my package was delivered to my favourite neighbour: "himself himself".

My stuff just came in, so apparently they had given it not to "himself himself" but "themselves themselves"...

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I had bought these mechanical pencil leads. 24 pieces a container, 4 container pack. I just fitted all 24x4pcs into one of the containers, with room to spare. This is why we have a global plastic waste problem.

@cadadr also packing inside packing inside packing. You order something online. It comes in a box which contains plastic filler and another box that is shrink wrapped with the product in it. That box contains plastic wrap around every component and more small boxes inside. Buying it at the store and exchange the exterior box for a bag even if the product has handles or is easy to carry.

@Danbert8 Yeah, the whole box I received, containing 4 marker pens, a bar of glue, and some leads could probably be packaged with a tenth of the packaging, and it'd still be better to get them at the store nevertheless... effin' lockdown.

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