Can you ID this cutie? My mom, in her usual fashion, has bought these without asking what kind they are or how to look after them... Gotta find their name to find out how to do that.

:boost_ok:​ pls

Most likely a begonia cross breed. You could look at general begonia instructions

@cadadr that's a begonia. that particular variety looks like one that my mom usually plants. It needs sunlight and does well in hot, dry Texas summers. Water needs are reasonable and compatible with a generally dry climate. It's surprisingly hard to kill.

@frummidge Thanks! That's one lucky plant then, given I'm a total beginner :P

@cadadr Looks like some type of begonia to me. Wax begonia to be specific. Check and see if that matches your plant?

@deadrose Did an image search and looks like wax begonias indeed! Thanks!

@cadadr You can root cuttings of it, once it gets larger, and have an entire army of begonias.

@deadrose Oh, that's nice to know! I was thinking of adding some plants to my space, this could be helpful in the long run (and maybe less wasteful, even).

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