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re: follow requests, boosts; ¡do not repost my toots outside fediverse w/o permission! 

[nothing new, just merging a few pinned toots to save space]

Follow requests

Follow requests are most welcome, but I wish to maintain a healthy and safe network, so I'll accept reqs if

  • you've a bio that introduces you & some public toots, at least partly in a language I can read;

  • you don't support discriminatory, hateful, or violent ideals/organisations;

  • you've a positive vibe.I tend not to follow back immediately, as I want to keep my home feed low traffic. Interactions welcome nevertheless, please don't feel like I'm being dismissive.

❤️ 🕊️


Boosts are welcome, unless the toot says otherwise.

I won't boost:

  • toots with media that lack a detailed enough alt text; unless the media is described in the toot itself, or the toot content is (imo) very important/interesting (in which case I usually post a follow up with descriptions if I can)

  • toots which you request not be boosted, ofc.

  • I tend to only boost mutual aid requests that people I follow boosted into my timeline, I'm new to the concept so I trust them instead

Please annotate your media with good, fairly detailed alt texts. Transcripts and descriptions of images, transcripts of audio. IDK if videos can have alt texts, but that too, if possible.

Re: quoting my stuff outside fediverse

Please do not repost the content of my toots on other social networks without asking for permission. I'm pretty likely to say "go ahead" but still. It's not okay if you post without permission but notify me afterwards either. It's basic netiquette.

This does not apply to e.g. if you're writing a blog post and quoting me there. Tho I'd still like to be informed, who doesn't like reading blog posts?

Prompted by someone copy&pasting a toot on reddit and promptly earning a block. Yes, it's public, but public toilets are public too and you don't take urinals home, do you?

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revised8 re
(just moving bits from my bio to here, nothing new)

One '90s kid from Turkey.

Within linguistics I mainly ❤️ sociolinguistics, phonology, & usage based grammars, in no particular order (but I'm currently working on an MA thesis on phonology of Turkish). Combining theoretical and experimental work is my jam.

I'm also interested in (teaching) computing in social sciences and fully open research & science.

Been fiddling with computers since I was 11. I mostly hack Emacs Lisp, Python, R, Perl and shell, but I'm a total proglang nerd and ❤️ learning about all langs. I'm also interested in declarative reproducible systems. My stuff at:

Follows welcome but please read my profile first. Formerly @cadadr.

👍 social justice/equity, lgbtqia+ rights, sustainable energy and consumption, (guerrilla) open culture/science, anti{fasc,capital,colonial}ism, anti{patri,hier}archy, software freedom, right to privacy

🖕 wars, guns, hate, violence, fascism, capitalism, patriarchy, fundamentalism, and all that jazz; also fuck personal car ownership and planes

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@Stoori On similar terms I am happy to answer questions about as used in Turkey, or about Turkey in general. You can contact me in any of Turkish, Italian, or English.

mini FAQ

  • What languages are spoken in Turkey? Mainly Turkish and Kurdish, other languages include Arabic, Armenian, Greek, and Laz.

  • Where can I learn Turkish? If there is a "TÖMER" tied to a university in your city, they are pretty good. And because they are public institutions, they are cheaper. Plus, being in a university environment, you get to easily socialise with native speakers.

  • Can I get by with English? In major cities, yes. In rural areas, no. In between, it's a spectrum but chances are low.

  • What are the two phone numbers one must know? 112 for all emergencies, 153 for your provincial municipality's call centre.

  • How can I say "I don't speak Turkish."? Say: "turk-CHE beel-mee-yoh-ROOM". Write: "Türkçe bilmiyorum."

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Göktuğ's No. 000 (Cover toot)

[I'll pin this thread and add some tips as they pop into my mind. I've had a fedi account since 2017, and been an active user since ~2019. I've seen some stuff in my time :blobcatcoffee:​ I want to share relevant bits of stuff I've learned in that time, without filtering the negative stuff out, which I believe is very important to share so people aren't caught in the cold.]

I guess sometimes people steal stuff because it's just easier.

20 minutes spent to pay a stupid website, only to figure out I can't because they don't like debit cards but the warning on the payments page is like you need both a telescope and a microscope to see it.

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My homepage didn't have any JS since time immemorial, but today I added some for a good cause. Go on, click the academia dot edu link 🤭

advice on linux audio setups, much shorter 

@cadadr @balrogboogie

tl;dr, the classic rule stays true. Keep It Simple, Stupid! Going with stable release operating systems recommended and used by the majority of users (and what proprietary/corporate software there is) is the best bet for success and stability.

Moreover, keep your jack settings simple! Just set up your I/O, and use jack_iodelay to adjust latency after your buffer! For example, my buffer is set to 2x1024 and im still pulling realtime and sample accurate.

advice on linux audio setups, long 

@cadadr @balrogboogie honestly, from my experience over the last couple years, the best bet is just to run Ubuntu LTS.

To achieve my current system, i installed jack audio (and the pulse bridge module) from the repositories, and then some plugins from the same said repo.

Afterword, we hook up an interface that has good driver support on linux (ive had good luck with mid-tier hardware), and configure jack (via cadence) to use said interface (and select a buffer size that results in 0 dropouts).

Next up, installing the latest realtime kernel (apt install linux-lowlatency) and reboot.

Then you've just got a steep AF learning curve ahead of you with the modular ecosystem or DAW's that offer very little and force you to be creative without knowing how.

I've run this setup procedure about 4 times now in the last 3 months and had 0 issues, after latency adjustment (jack_iodelay). I also have my suspicions that the Bitwig install process (apt install ./bitwig*.deb) performs its own tweaks, but that process can be obtained from the bitwig demo.

I still have dropouts once every hour or two, or when loading in CPU intensive plugins/software, but its a really solid environment! Definitely takes some work and learning, but its fucking liberating to have JACK and a competent DAW like bitwig

$ mylangc && ./offer || sudo apt-get purge mylang

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brainstorm time... can you think of any technological objects that have a secondary use that is completely different from their primary use?

e.g. if, outside of office hours, you used your computer's processor heat to dry tomatoes. but I'm after real things.

Programming languages should have a threatening-the-compiler statement:

if condition then
or else
system("rm", "-rf", "/usr/bin/mylangc")

what's it called when a company makes you sign a predatory agreement before using their software? 

a dracEULA

A decade ago…

“Kids, get off the facebook, don’t waste your life away! Don’t trust anyone you meet online, you could get hurt!” — The Parents

A decade later…

“Mom, Dad, please stop with the forwards, they’re clearly fake and you’re spreading misinformation that could hurt people! Don’t trust everything you read online!” — The Kids

In the past 48 hours I've seen "If you use a tiling window manager you're probably a racist toxic fossbro", "if you support FOSS you're likely a liberal or a toxic fossbro", "If you use emacs you're part of the problem" and uh...

Can we just stop putting people in bins based on what tools they use and, more likely, what they had available to them when they first learned how to interact with tech?

Y'all stressing me out because I've seen these funny little takes go viral and become zeitgeist material.

@cadadr akhrêst(astr)onaut ("useless-star-sailor," ἀχρησταστροναύτης akhrêstastronaútês < ἄχρηστος ákhrêstos "useless" + ἄστρον ástron "star" + ναύτης naútês "sailor")?

Or deilonaut (δειλός deilós "worthless, vile")?

don't mind me, just trying to find Jeff Bezos a nickname.

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