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New account, new home, new introduction. I used to toot&boost at @cadadr.

One '90s kid from Turkey.

Within linguistics I mainly ❤️ sociolinguistics, phonology, & usage based grammars, in no particular order (but I'm currently working on an MA thesis on phonology of Turkish). Combining theoretical and experimental work is my jam.

I'm also interested in (teaching) computing in social sciences and fully open research & science.

Been fiddling with computers since I was 11. I mostly hack Emacs Lisp, Python, R, Perl and shell, but I'm a total proglang nerd and ❤️ learning about all langs. I'm also interested in declarative reproducible systems. My stuff at:

Follows welcome but please read my profile first.

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re: boosts 

Boosts are welcome, unless the toot says otherwise.

I won't boost:

  • toots with media that lack a detailed enough alt text; unless the media is described in the toot itself, or the toot content is (imo) very important

  • begposts, unless it's by or boosted into my timeline by a user that I trust

  • toots that you ask me to not boost, ofc.

Please annotate your media with good, fairly detailed alt texts. Transcripts and descriptions of images, transcripts of audio. IDK if videos can have alt texts, but that too, if possible.

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re: follow requests 

Follow requests are most welcome, but I wish to maintain a healthy and safe network, so I'll accept reqs if

  • you've a bio that introduces you & some public toots, at least partly in a language I can read;
  • you don't support discriminatory, hateful, or violent ideals/organisations;
  • you've a positive vibe.I tend not to follow back immediately, as I want to keep my home feed low traffic. Interactions welcome nevertheless, please don't feel like I'm being dismissive.

❤️ 🕊️


A new group is launched today working on promoting the translation of the scientific/scholarly literature. Translations improve two-way communication. They make science more inclusive and effective.

Politics, Scotland 

If you are in Scotland, registered to vote and haven't done so by post already then please go out and vote today (please wear your mask and vote safely)! If you can't make it then you have until 5pm to designate someone to vote on your behalf, just contact your council. Also, if it is not too much to ask please vote for whichever combination of parties you feel will most effectively accelerate our departure from this dysfunctional "union"..

My Japanese wife and I voted a few weeks ago, her first vote, anywhere!


@tomasino "The good news gets even better; non-AMP pages make considerably more revenue per pageview than AMP pages. Initially, I assumed this was due to the nature of how ads load on AMP, however, recent Antitrust lawsuits have proposed that hindering ad competition was a feature and that all non-amp ad tags, such as my company, Ezoic’s, were delayed by 1 second to make them less effective. It is also alleged that Google let their own exchange win, even when someone else bid more!"


hello please stop and take time to think about sleeping dogs making tiny howls and running in their sleep

besides cars that you don't have to drive yourself already exist: they're called 'the bus' and are much more cost effective than any self-driving car, even in a universe where an ai that actually knows how to drive exists. the only reason to prefer ai-driven cars is if you're specifically out to prevent poor people from travelling, and if you really really hate unionised labour

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i can't be bothered to dig up the thread where i said this, but the basic problem with self-driving cars is that computers deal well with repetitive, predictable tasks, but run into problems when confronted with chaotic systems. whereas humans start making errors when things get repetitive, but deal well with unpredictability. traffic is the exact opposite of the kind of problem ai is well equipped to confront

hey everyone, my fucking landlord decided to let us know today that we can't renew our lease and we have 3 weeks to find somewhere else to live

we are Very underprepared for this, since when we signed the lease, he said we could renew it in 2021

i have emergency commissions open, check em out here:

Solidarity with the folks who decided to stop running this Dollar Store and posted on four scraps of paper more effective messaging than the Democratic party has ever done.

hell yeah

they dragged their feet for months but Biden finally announced they're down to suspend ip stuff for covid vaccines

the devil is in the details and this is way later than it needed to be (could've been done on day 1), but this could potentially (if it's not some sleight of hand) save millions of lives

*I* have an RSS feed how the fuck do AFP, AP, and Reuters *not*

please caption your images so that i may boost them thanks

Wasabi doesn't like it when I am listening to music and dance at her when she is trying to sleep

#DailyCatPic #CatsOfMastodon #MastoCats #cats

storing my passwords on a blockchain, it doesn't keep them secret but dammit at least I know they're mine

U don't have to directly interact with people to know they're toxic btw. It's perfectly fine to see someone's actions or takes or w/e and say "wow this is not someone I would feel comfortable around." Nothing wrong with making that call, long as ur aware you may be wrong at times. is a great little tool, it is a command line utility that converts HTML to PDF using WebKit. The result is you get PDFs that exactly look like the web pages, and because it can do full CSS, you can use @media only print etc to fine tune stuff.

E.g. compare vs., it's way better than what pandoc can do, plus pandoc botches the tables in that page. And I can use media queries to add navigation links only on the web page. The command line is very simple, see this makefile:

The bus:
- Already exists
- can go where cars already go
- saying "thanks" when you get off

Too long, didn't write my whole musings.
But in short:

Tech/foss culture haven't been inclusive with non-tech saavy people. They have their part of responsibility for the centralization of platforms (facebook, reddit, google tools etc.)

Things should have been community focused instead of centered on what the individual can do on their own.

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