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Truth is coming out of her well
And she's shaming mankind
gotta gotta be down
because I want it all

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oh no listening to ska is making me want to skip work tomorrow

as opposed to before I started playing ska, when I wanted to skip work tomorrow.

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neurodivergent people 🤝 disabled people 🤝 trans people 🤝 women
this guy will let you die if you say the wrong words

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the average american is not capable of conceiving of geopolitics beyond thinking that the leader of any given country is inherently good or evil

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Coming out of hibernation to just sit here

I was in a fucking foul mood yesterday, turns out I just needed to sit outside with the birds for a bit

She was like this for my entire after work meeting

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Watching The Descent for the first time like Juno is ride or die but unfortunately for her the options are die or die

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The Great White Shark:
-actually exists
-harsh, but fair
-mostly leaves you alone, but fucks you up if provoked
-silent, keeps to themselves

The "Great" White Man of History:
-a myth
-greedy assholes
-constantly taking other people's shit
-never picks on someone his own size
-never shuts the fuck about himself

It's no contest really

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I don't understand why people think skeletons are evil. I've had one inside me my whole life and it's been nothing but supportive.

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Just finished a Till Death/Jennifer's Body double feature, they have wildly different tones and Fox absolutely kills in both

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Dune is about how sand is course and rough and irritating. And it gets everywhere

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I accidentally closed all my Wikipedia tabs and I am bereft

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