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I seem to be posting dog updates randomly from and Bennett is not a cat, but he's the same size as one?
Anyway, he slept well, is insisting on being on my lap while I work, but putting paws on the keyboard, which does not work for me. He did do a pee on the floor, but I should have taken him out again after breakfast. He also learned to go down the stairs.

New doggo is pretty smart, but has not been taught basic commands such as 'sit'. I did get him to use the stairs up to the bed (which is too high for him to jump on.) He seems perplexed by going down the staircase, so I have been carrying him (he can go up the stairs, and has no problem with the 3 steps up to the kitchen door, so I guess he has not been exposed to in-house stairs.)

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New doggo 

He is here, he's a 2 yr old smol Border Terrier mix (?), totally into laps and petting. Ignoring the cats except for their food (I will need to schedule feedings.) I've never had a male dog, or such a tiny dog, but he seems happy to hang out on my lap while I type. Photos soon. I am pretty tired, long day. His name is Bennett, not sure if that will stick for me. Ack, he sneezed on my keyboard, DOGS.

I have a friend visiting from out of town and my cats are very unhappy with the change in routine.

Today I googled "what is the difference between boop and bat" and did not get a satisfactory answer, but I do know what the each mean.

Today I have petted : a huge fluffy goldendoodle, a 10-month old Corgi mix pupper, and my own two cats.

and I just stuck my elbow (clothed) under the sink faucet for no reason.

Went to the correct DMV office, was in and out in 5 minutes (other than parking in the mall parking lot and having to wander around to find it.)

On the bright side, I have Friday off.

And there are a few people going to meet the pup I mentioned yesterday, so I am assuming that is not in the cards for me at this time.

I went to the wrong DMV today. FML.

Trying to work my way up to gathering what I need to go to the DMV office. Tomorrow would be good. I just have to pay some fees that I can't do online, and my local office is out of the way and usually quiet. But I am still stressing.

I am trying not to get too excited about the pup photos, b/c sometimes due to the application process, someone else beats you to the dog you picked out, and it's super-disappointing, and I am trying not to get attached before I even meet them. This one is a small 5 month old cutie who will end up being smaller than Sophie the cat.

also I don't know if everyone could see my previous toot since I mentioned another member who I follow? or do only followers of that person see it? But anyway, I may be getting another dog.

After yesterday's discussion with @woozle about my feelings for pets, I just put in an adoption application for a dog. I really miss the doggie luuurrrve. I know I was thinking about kittens instead, but aaaaahhhhhh

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