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I don't really know how this whole Mastodon thing is going to work out, but it all sounds pretty good and the other site gets so bad, I thought, "man, just be the social media you want to see in the world."

I get to pick out a fig tree for our front yard and that means research and also a new tree and also figs and I love all those things.

I had my first physical therapy appointment for my hand today, and the therapist gives me this dinky little splint to stop me from doing one specific thing with my thumb, and it is a goddamned miracle, because my thumb hasn't hurt me at all today.

I bought some decent shoes today for walking and hunting Pokemon and now I have an idea about starting running? I'm worried about my knees kinda? Also about my motivation. Words of encouragement or wisdom from y'all?

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Happy Pride Month to all of you, especially if you can't wave your flag or haven't found it yet.

Good news everyone! The floor and baseboards in our laundry room are going to be super easy to remove because they are in no way attached to the subfloor or walls! Isn't that great?

I don't think my friends and I give each other nearly as many gifts as video games seem to think we do.

Joke's on them, I have student loans AND a mortgage, and they'll probably never be paid off.

"Last month we publicly shamed Millennials about their student loans, what can we use against Gen X?"

The great thing about healing a half sleeve tattoo in the summer is that I'm wearing long sleeves in 80 degree weather and I smack the inside of my arm when it itches, so probably people think I am a junkie.

I did NOT get tattooed today, because a lotta folks want to see my artist! I was #7 in line, and it's going to take 2-4 hours, sooo no. I am going to take an afternoon off for this next week instead.

I guess I'll be planting today! (Basil, peppers,and tomatoes.)

OK, look. I have given this a great deal of serious thought lately, and I just need to tell y'all that we simply do not deserve Janelle Monáe.

In case you were unclear on the GOP's "kill the poor" platform.

Starting Persona 5 (finally) and I am digging these jams tbh

Although it was kind of heartbreaking to watch a show that, at moments, made me feel proud of and inspired by my country, right at a time when I honestly feel rather ashamed of it.