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Currently working on a kernel extension for Mac and....

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hello if you still use chrome i gently recommend giving firefox a chance. i gave up on it a few years back but now that i'm using it again i think i'm here to stay. it's not perfect but neither is chrome, and it's actually beating chrome in speed in some areas these days

also google is about to seriously hinder adblocking extensions in favour of letting their own ads and tracking shit slide through

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I unintentionally made trans-colored footwear today!

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I want to be so androgynous that people look at me and instead of any pronoun popping into their head they just hear an ominous droning buzz by default

@monorail My personal eevee pile (currently displaying high quality glaceon butt)

Message from Delta: Your flight is leaving on time.

Message, also from Delta, 20 minutes later: Your flight has been delayed an hour and a half.

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Sit-down climate change protest in Times Square!

Fridays For Future climate change protest in Manhattan!

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The 'Have I visited this website prior to today' feature of Firefox can be pretty amusing. I reset my Firefox profile around a year ago, though, unfortunately.

i've spent my entire life practicing sleeping every night, and i still suck at it

me, preparing answers in my head to questions i know i will never be asked
"yes i do have a favorite chorus line from a synthwave-inspired song, thank you for asking that specific question"

Messing around with a modular synthesizer simulator called Rack. I've never used a synthesizer before, nor do I play any instruments.... but it's so fun to mess around with wires and get sound as the output!!!

If you want hugs and human contact, get on the morning L train from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I could barely move.

I did a job the entire day!!! I mean it was entirely introductions but whatever

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