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Currently working on a kernel extension for Mac and....

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I want to be so androgynous that people look at me and instead of any pronoun popping into their head they just hear an ominous droning buzz by default

@monorail My personal eevee pile (currently displaying high quality glaceon butt)

Message from Delta: Your flight is leaving on time.

Message, also from Delta, 20 minutes later: Your flight has been delayed an hour and a half.

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Sit-down climate change protest in Times Square!

Fridays For Future climate change protest in Manhattan!

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The 'Have I visited this website prior to today' feature of Firefox can be pretty amusing. I reset my Firefox profile around a year ago, though, unfortunately.

i've spent my entire life practicing sleeping every night, and i still suck at it

me, preparing answers in my head to questions i know i will never be asked
"yes i do have a favorite chorus line from a synthwave-inspired song, thank you for asking that specific question"

Messing around with a modular synthesizer simulator called Rack. I've never used a synthesizer before, nor do I play any instruments.... but it's so fun to mess around with wires and get sound as the output!!!

If you want hugs and human contact, get on the morning L train from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I could barely move.

I did a job the entire day!!! I mean it was entirely introductions but whatever

First full day in New York City, and before I even have my first day at the job (which is Monday) I go out folk dancing. Made friends. Heck yeah.

First day in New York City for a ~3 month internship. Today I saw a person riding a skateboard while also carrying another skateboard. I guess he took the "keep backups" thing very seriously.

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