This might be too niche a question, but are there open source projects that use Go and seem accessible to beginners?

@audrey Hashicorp projects like Packer come to mind - partly for their size (not too big), and partly because my experience reading their code has been mostly positive. Something where you can follow existing patterns to add a new driver or plugin seems like a good place to start. Kubernetes also uses Go and I’ve heard it’s well written and has a good community.

@audrey yes. But more importantly, what do you want to do?

@bzdata I’m thinking about ways I might be able to cross-pollinate from my work project to others that would support new contributors

@audrey someone I know mentioned Hugo , static site generator, which is useful & beginner-friendly as a user, & might be decent for beginners. Not from personal experience (they aren't a contributor)

@brainwane @audrey Hugo is easy to setup and run. I run my blog with it. It's easy for a beginner.

@audrey in federating world there's WriteFreely ( Also, ganggo ( I don't know how accessible they are but assume that small projects may be in need of contributors even more than large popular ones.

@audrey I wrote my first practical Go as a provider for Terraform.

Terraform Core is a bit complex for beginners, but the provider plugins are mostly approachable - assuming this isn’t your first language.

Go Modules make it a lot easier to start a project from scratch. I also find that some older projects hard to jump in and build locally, because of the way Go source management worked pre-modules. The tooling eco system got pretty fragmented.

@audrey The statically-compiled output lends itself well to tool-making if you just want to scratch your own itch for something.

A friend nearby made a little tool for tracking what he’s working on so he has something to past into slack for an update at the end of the day.

@audrey Adrian could always use some fresh ideas and attention but it's a pet project that nobody's heard of

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