Free software 

I think RMS's personal and multi-dimensional shittiness has frozen the idea of Free Software in place for many, many years. What can it become if what he values and wants aren’t the defining principles?

Free software 

@audrey the four freedoms guarantee personal, individual freedom

but they do in no way guarantee justice, either individual, or communal

how true this is, we see with open source:
the company which holds the copyright enjoys all the "individual" freedoms, and the community… enjoys contributing, i guess?

re: Free software 

@audrey That's a really interesting question. Maybe a new generation of members can come in and start defining that.

Free software 

@audrey i think RMS stepping down is overall a positive. the man has been monumental in building the free software movement, but he really was a hinderance to mainstream adoption (or even entertainment) of FSF ideas

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