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bad french pun 

"are you sure you're on the latest version of Mac OS?"
"big sûr"

re: trans stuff, - 

"i want to sound more feminine"
"uwu u already sownd like a cuwute girly gurl (:"
thanks for fucking nothing i guess

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re: trans stuff, - 

i get that they think it might help for them to validate my gender or whatever but it fucking doesn't

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re: trans stuff, - 

really wish i could get some sympathy and comfort from anyone that didn't involve them denying my actual experiences with this shit

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trans stuff, - 

talking about gender and dyshporia and how hard everything is etc. with trans people is so fucking exhausting. i don't care that "you think i sound feminine" when i spend 30 seconds on the phone and get called "sir" every single fucking time. i don't wanna hear that i "Look feminine" when i have fucking stubble and get misgendered everyt singhle fucking time

AWS venting 

my favourite (not really) part of using bezocorp infra at work is the part where I do something and it takes fifteen minutes before any indication of something happening shows up in the logs

in case you weren't convinced to not use AWS for moral reasons (which are absolutely sufficient), it's also just bad from a technical standpoint too

i am going to disable replies on all my bird site posts i swear 2 god

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days since someone's told me that the thing i explicitly said i can't do is "easy": 0

In case you need the extra encouragement, making your content accessible and excising ableism from your language makes you a better writer. Just saying 🤷‍♀️


earlier today I told myself that because I'm notoriously bad at hypergeneralising code for personal projects and never getting anything done, that I would intentionally write "bad" (read: not perfect) code and work on coding up a few basic board games in Rust.

it only took a few minutes before I started working on generalising code to deal with pathfinding on square grids.

I'm extremely bad at this despite never having this problem when I'm programming for work.

cis ppl....if u catch yourself thinking when around trans friends "man i wish i could change my name too": do that shit it automatically makes you at least 10% cooler

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programmers are bad, and so are Google/Android 

my favourite part about the design of Android is that programmers are so hilariously bad at designing for low-memory environments that the entire operating system had to be designed to literally just stop the least recently used apps to delete them from memory instead of apps just being designed to relinquish their resources when they're no longer needed in the short term

which leads to things like very simple and low-memory apps being unable to perform background tasks because the OS killed them when apps that use Google's Premium™ push notification service get started back up immediately

idk what to put here but hi i'm ash i like computers


On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.