@anubis2814 Arlie Hochschild in "Strangers In Their Own Land" adds the klepto-corporate step of securing large tax incentives in a locale, thereby underfunding public services, and stepping in to optically fill those (new high school sports facilities, perfect) at a fraction of your savings, simultaneously proving that government cannot provide and is corrupt, and that corporate largess from toxic polluters is your town's best hope.

@anubis2814 yeah, it would be like Calligula building low-cost housing 😄 !Acc to Wikipedia, he was reportedly addicted to a steady diet of European sea eels and could have suffered from hyperthyroidism.

@anubis2814 Image text:

Philanthropy exists to launder the reputations of the rich!
And serves to replace public institutions with private ones

So you've "made" billions exploring workers, nature and public resources
And you've bought of the entire government to make sure you won't be taxed
But for some strange reason people seem to think you're evil


@anubis2814 Try giving a tiny portion of your stolen wealth to a cause that's hot right now
Or start your own non-profit to hoard your wealth The right way ™
Now your reputation is clean AND you've saved even more on taxes!

@anubis2814 if only the poor had money, they'd be so much nicer than the rich
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