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Republican mega donors are showering Kyrsten Sinema with cash

Big Pharma has given her $750,000

She’s now the strongest champion of the Trump tax cut she once opposed

There is a direct line from the money to her corruption. But the worst part?

It’s legal.

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California high school teacher filmed mocking Native Americans while teaching trigonometry lesson bit.ly/3E98pZp

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For all us non-teachers who might wonder what teachers do when they aren't working with students, @danacoledares@twitter.com is here to clue us in: youtu.be/ihXuCU9qkqU

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Four people in different U.S. states fell ill with a tropical disease, and two died. None had traveled internationally. U.S. health officials found bacteria that causes the disease in aromatherapy spray imported from India. The product has been recalled. apne.ws/nEKqCK0

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🚨I wrote about public health’s history; why it spent the 20thC moving away from broad coalitions, political advocacy, and a crusading spirit that actively pushed for social reforms; and why it must regain those things to be relevant and effective. 1/ theatlantic.com/health/archive

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I've noticed the news has gone out of its way to not talk about mastodon when it comes to Trumps new social media platforms and how it's violating its terms for free share. The few articles that do mention the platform itself in passing as little as poss…

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The Truth About "The Great Resignation" - How Money Works youtu.be/M6ky78SGmvo via @YouTube@twitter.com This isn't an abnormal thing, except that the labor department made some things more fair for workers.

Let's talk about nonsense and a Florida man jobs experiment.... youtu.be/3-hGiEMEVhk via @YouTube@twitter.com

Liberal Redneck - School Board Terrorists youtu.be/1P4O143GJzc via @YouTube@twitter.com

Carried the car box to dump, carried a mini fridge to dump about a block or two away, then carried the laundry about the same distance and now my left hand doesnt want to work, just wants to shake lol

A new Facebook whistleblower was reportedly told by company officials to 'focus on the good' after raising problems like illegal drug trades on the platform businessinsider.com/new-facebo

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President Jair Bolsonaro has approved a bill funnelling cash away from science and towards other areas of government, stranding research proposals and dashing hopes. nature.com/articles/d41586-021

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How Democrats’ failure to pass a voting rights bill fits a pattern of failing voters of color: 53eig.ht/3ncKcdZ

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