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Jeffery Moore, a Florida official recently appointed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, resigned from his position last week after a photo surfaced online of him seemingly in a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood go.nowth.is/3fuqKJh

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American Library Association asks FBI to investigate threats bit.ly/3LVsTKw

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This is exactly how to confront right-wing liars. Bravo, Al! 👏🏻 More of this, please, Democrats!

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Now hearing from Sergio/ @formadeluchar@twitter.com from @reclaimphila@twitter.com. “We know in the last election, he won by a 2-1 margin. The people spoke by a landslide for @DA_LarryKrasner@twitter.com. The people understand we can’t incarcerate ourselves out of this problem.”

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When it comes to the no good truly terrible Supreme Court, I keep thinking the @FedSoc@twitter.com 6 have become an arm of the Christofascist project to basically erase marginalized people from society. It's a project that is inherently steeped in whiteness.

Think about the cases this term:

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Martin Luther King Jr. has been "severely whitewashed" by those who refuse to acknowledge his more challenging notions

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"If a pro-Bolsonaro insurrection were to happen, it would likely be carried out by the president’s armed base, which includes police, soldiers and extremist armed civilians."

by Erika Robb Larkins & Lucas Louback ⤵️ aje.io/aqmlgo

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🚨NEW: Our new investigation out today finds that @Meta@twitter.com's failings in Myanmar go deeper than a failure of content moderation, & risk being repeated in the future unless serious changes are made to the business model.1/3


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A Connecticut jury soon will have the difficult task of coming up with a dollar amount that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones should pay for promoting the idea that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax.

— The Associated Press snopes.com/ap/2022/09/28/juror

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An experimental drug has been shown to slow the effects of Alzheimer’s in a new trial that featured patients in the early stages of the cognitive disease go.nowth.is/3SE2VNv

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Not just hope and prayers for Floridians but food and shelter for those in need, help for the displaced, assistance to rebuild, funds to restart businesses. We come to each other’s aide in crises because we’re all in this together, regardless of party or ideology.

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A court in military-ruled Myanmar sentenced deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her former economic adviser to three years in prison, according to a source familiar with the proceedings reut.rs/3fmxo4l

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Worries about outsized wealth consolidated in the hands of a few date back to the Founding Fathers. An “aristocracy of wealth,” Jefferson warned in his memoir, posed more “harm and danger, than benefit, to society.”

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