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*‘Get a noose!’ Black man says he survived attempted lynching while camping in Indiana forest*
An Indiana man claims he survived an attempted lynching during a brutal attack while camping.

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What in the hell is going on in St. Louis and why haven’t they been investigated by the Justice Department for civil rights violations? twitter.com/samswey/status/127

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Fuckface carrying out his pro-MAGA crusade and picking up torch from Steve Bannon

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BREAKING: The Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been cancelled!

Lumbee leaders have scored a tremendous victory in stopping this fossil fuel pipeline.


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This is a monumental victory!

Thank you to all of the indigenous and environmental activists for your tireless work on the frontlines to stop this.

Green energy is the future—we must fight against the fossil fuel industry at every turn. ✊🏽 twitter.com/ABC/status/1280146

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I didn't agree with most anything he said, but he could play the piss out of the violin. RIP Charlie Daniels.

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Florida woman Carole Brunton Davis, took her 17 year old daughter to a church-sponsored event to intentionally expose her to .

Her daughter, who is now dead from the disease, was a cancer survivor and immunocompromised. rawstory.com/2020/07/florida-t

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Except for the belief that there is one, that's an inexhaustible resource.

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There is no such thing as perpetual motion machine.

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The obvious flag we should adopt if we add DC and PR as states as 13 x 4=52

RT darsb1@pluspora.com: No comment from the President, who thinks Douglass is "somebody who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more."
*Frederick Douglass Statue Ripped From Its Base In Rochester, New York*

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*Court orders Dakota Access pipeline to shut down*
»A district court ruled Monday the Dakota Access Pipeline must shut down within 30 days, by August 5, according to a copy of the brief obtained by USA Today.

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That email address is already being used.

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Florida - on its own - has had more cases of COVID than Germany, where I live. smh twitter.com/MSNBC/status/12800

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Well except for white rape victims

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I’ve never seen white people blamed for being victims of crime because they were killed by other white people.

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