yet another “trump’s a fucking idiot” joke 

Stay tuned for Guillermo Del Toro’s new political thriller, “From the Standpoint of Water”

Man, walking on Mission St. carrying a broken skateboard, with an air freshener clipped to his shoe, yelling to himself: “I’m gonna procure the FUCK outta a pizza!”

👋, friends. I'm on my own instance now! I'll be taking down this account in due time, but please come over and follow me at @andy.

Anyone know an instance with a really great, pragmatic, empathetic, respectful code of conduct? Doing some research for mine.

Tootbot sounds like a fart app.
Mastobot well that sounds even worse.

From a business perspective I can't make a case for a Don app yet. We've got too much other stuff on our plates.

If there's enough interest I can set up a Patreon for me to get something ported up to MVP level over nights and weekends.

Note: Any actual app would be paid, likely subscription based (not a fan of them but makes sense here for various reasons).


birdsite, nazis, tweetbot 

This is a bit late, but Jonathan Mann's song "Jack says Fuck You to Tweet Bot" is pretty great.

I went to the Alamo Drafthouse, a movie theatre in San Francisco, yesterday, to see "Contact," one of my favorite sci-fi movies.

Afterwards, there was a brief talk by Dr. Jill Tarter, an astronomer and co-founder of SETI (and upon whom Jodie Foster's character was loosely inspired).

She ended her talk with a statement that was inspiring and so good to hear. Paraphrased, it's something like this:
"We belong to a tribe that knows no national borders. We are all earthlings, made of stardust."

Just signed up for hosting for my own Mastodon instance.

Hold my stuff; I’m goin in deep.

I couldn't find much info about this, but it looks like I can't easily migrate an account from one instance to another? What if I wanted to make my own instance and get this account over there, with all my tooted toots and follow(ers/ing).

That seems like something that would be cool.

Best error toast message ever. (Got this when I tried to undo my accidental boosting of my own toot). Thanks, Whalebird!

I have three different sizes of index cards on my desk now.




I"m gonna be PRODUCTIVE AS FUCK, you guys

Warning: Tooting about tooting 

Just downloaded "Whalebird," the macOS Mastodon client. It's pretty nice. Reminds me of Tweetie from back in the day.

So, uhhh. Has the NRA dissolved yet?

Just wonderin’

Check out this pencil pouch from Nock Co.!

Bright pencilly colors and it’s lightweight but strong. And it’ll fit unsharpened Blackwings!

just saw a massive twitter thread about how mastodon is bad because it's hard to build a brand or an audience on here and hahaha bitch exactly

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