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It's a common story
boy meets girl
girl introduces boy to mastodon
boy becomes a witch
they live happily for one or two years, then part amicably and sometimes text a pineapple to each other
the usual

Hi everyone! I wrote an ActivityPub tutorial:

I hope that makes things pretty clear! It's plaintext only with ascii art for now, but I might add it as a preamble to the actual spec. What do people think? Feedback welcome!

I'm working on a film animated in blender, that will be released as an open movie project - Creative Commons BY SA along with all the production files.
We just made a new work-in-progress teaser, check it out at
(feel free to boost and spread the word!)

Mastodon port for FreeBSD is almost ready. No more docker or git/gem/npm nonsense: a cleanly packaged install coming your way soon.

Tech Industry Gives Up Trying To Make JavaScript Good And Goes Back To Lisp

I'm envisioning it being something like an ephemeral instance is created while people are playing for the people in it, but it could possibly federate with persistent instances

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idly wondering if activitypub or similar might be useful for spinning up short instances for things like multiplayer games with friends.

wondering if there could be use for federating with things like mastodon (eg announcing that a stream is going on, or which of your friends are playing or who won).

would that be cool or annoying?

don't tell me your material exhibits excellent volumetric capacitance and then not say what it is

that's fuckin' rude

the moon is our mother, but she's also a hologram projected by the government

now, i don't mean to boost my toot, but I've got like a whole fifteen followers here folks

Is there a good android client for mastodon? I installed Tusky, but I can't seem to do much with it.

is it possible to filter the federated timeline?

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On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.