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idly thinking about what a modern rendering api might look like for python.

you could do some cool things with the ast module to basically define shaders in python and then cross compile.

the rest of it would be a command queue thing written as a c module, and a nice data driven rendering api for setting up a compositing graph.

and some useful boilerplate like 3d model importing etc.

Grandfather sky is considered to be an omen of good luck… at the cost of others. it is a balancing force, bringing power to places without and taking it away from the places with. Shares ancestry with Uncle Carbuncle

ExMachina: isn't that part of the extension which provides
glDriverBugs(GL_FALSE); ?
Knghtbrd: no, glDriverBugs() is part of EXT_help_me.
which also contains glMakeItWork(GL_PLEASE);

@dthompson I've been watching the wife play it. futaba is my favorite :D

@Icetigris that is way too organized and doesn't have nearly enough redundant nodes tho i like to insist on pronouncing it "squeal"

@ullbeking @aeva I am well set up to be hacking on a python project with just my phone and a keyboard now, though. its pretty nice!

@ullbeking if you don't mind console emacs, termux is spectacular. its a debian based environment, and you can install stuff like emacs, git, mosh, etc etc via it and its pretty nice to use. I recommend an external keyboard though.

If you like org-mode, with a little fiddling, you can get things like orgzly to see your org mode files

@aeva basic gist is termux + smol bluetooth kbd. Kind of excited to use orgzly in tandem with that though

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thinking about writing a blog post about my adventures in finding a usable emacs / org-mode setup on android.

@cwebber I like to insist that "SQL" is pronounced "Squeal" @nightpool @cwebber is this "generating C headers for rust libraries instead of using repr(C)" idea discussed in more detail somewhere? I'd like to know more about how that would work.

I can think of how I would do that for C++ instead of Rust, but I don't know Rust well.

It's a common story
boy meets girl
girl introduces boy to mastodon
boy becomes a witch
they live happily for one or two years, then part amicably and sometimes text a pineapple to each other
the usual

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On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.