RT @ladyaeva@twitter.com: actually, America was the name of the cartographer. the country is America's Monster

#introductions Hi I'm Aeva and by day I'm a graphics programmer and game engine developer. But for fun, I also do graphics programming and game engine development.

aeva@toot.cat is also me

I made an account on the game dev mastodon mastodon.gamedev.place/@aeva/9

I'll likely mostly cross post everything between the two, but feel free to be mastofriends with either

@aidalgol@icosahedron.website @aeva that's the idea more or less

@aidalgol@icosahedron.website well, my rendering experiment is almost at the point where I'll know if this project is viable or not performance-wise. I am very hopeful that I will be able to make this wonderful nightmare a reality, though.

overheard a lady explaining her adhd to her coworker and he kept butting in with "but i get distracted sometimes too and i get by fine". 🔥🔥🔥

there's an ad on the train that says:

"chiberia is coming
luckily, so are we."

i mean, i too am horny for winter, but

I'm excited for the future archeologists who will misunderstand "sarcophagus" and die from the wrath of the gods we created

if you are a jerk to your computer, it will work slower
leave them in peace and they will produce results faster

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boost this toot if you're cool with participating in "boost this toot" toots even when it's clear the poster is making them for valdiation through notifications

@xor the "remix 10" mode is pretty great for my garbage attention span :)

@JodiTheTigger @aeva what i have in mind is just borrowing python's syntax parser and ast, and doing some fancy type inference stuff to compile down to whatever the api needs (glsl, spirv, etc). So, won't be the full language by any stretch of the imagination, but it'll be a lot nicer than writing glsl etc.

@JodiTheTigger oh! there is no reason that requires C style syntax for shader languages, I think they just tend to because C++ is popular with games people.

Shaders are generally statically typed and compiled because that is fastest, but even that is not a set in stone requirement.

@JodiTheTigger you have it wrong, shaders would be written in python.

the c bits would just be graphics api boilerplate that need to be outside of python to be fast, tucked away behind a nice python api

I think after work I'll have a look at what the state of real-time 3d is in the python ecosystem these days.

If the niche isn't already well served, this might be a better permutation of the project to start with...?

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This is sort of a permutation of a more ambitious version of the project wherein you'd have a similar API, but you'd be writing a scheme program that generates C code that implements the described rendering API.

The worth of the scheme one would have been being able to generate language bindings for every imaginable high level language and also be easy to embed into most existing projects.

Downside of the scheme one is that I worry I'll never finish writing it...

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Complaining about type systems and using C++ in your argument is like saying coffee is bad because you don't like what they serve at Dunkin' Donuts.

We can do better than this, please.

@aeva also if shaders were valid python, then one could simulate a frame with a cpu renderer, and be able to do things like debug with breakpoints

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