thinking about writing a blog post about my adventures in finding a usable emacs / org-mode setup on android.

@aeva I can't imagine how that would even be possible :-) Have you had any luck so far?

@ullbeking if you don't mind console emacs, termux is spectacular. its a debian based environment, and you can install stuff like emacs, git, mosh, etc etc via it and its pretty nice to use. I recommend an external keyboard though.

If you like org-mode, with a little fiddling, you can get things like orgzly to see your org mode files

@ullbeking @aeva I am well set up to be hacking on a python project with just my phone and a keyboard now, though. its pretty nice!

@aeva In fact, the care that the Emacs developers still take to make the console interface a first-class citizen is another reason I love it
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