RT @ladyaeva@twitter.com: actually, America was the name of the cartographer. the country is America's Monster

#introductions Hi I'm Aeva and by day I'm a graphics programmer and game engine developer. But for fun, I also do graphics programming and game engine development.

aeva@toot.cat is also me

I made an account on the game dev mastodon mastodon.gamedev.place/@aeva/9

I'll likely mostly cross post everything between the two, but feel free to be mastofriends with either

overheard a lady explaining her adhd to her coworker and he kept butting in with "but i get distracted sometimes too and i get by fine". 🔥🔥🔥

there's an ad on the train that says:

"chiberia is coming
luckily, so are we."

i mean, i too am horny for winter, but

I'm excited for the future archeologists who will misunderstand "sarcophagus" and die from the wrath of the gods we created

if you are a jerk to your computer, it will work slower
leave them in peace and they will produce results faster

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boost this toot if you're cool with participating in "boost this toot" toots even when it's clear the poster is making them for valdiation through notifications

I think after work I'll have a look at what the state of real-time 3d is in the python ecosystem these days.

If the niche isn't already well served, this might be a better permutation of the project to start with...?

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This is sort of a permutation of a more ambitious version of the project wherein you'd have a similar API, but you'd be writing a scheme program that generates C code that implements the described rendering API.

The worth of the scheme one would have been being able to generate language bindings for every imaginable high level language and also be easy to embed into most existing projects.

Downside of the scheme one is that I worry I'll never finish writing it...

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Complaining about type systems and using C++ in your argument is like saying coffee is bad because you don't like what they serve at Dunkin' Donuts.

We can do better than this, please.

@aeva also if shaders were valid python, then one could simulate a frame with a cpu renderer, and be able to do things like debug with breakpoints

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idly thinking about what a modern rendering api might look like for python.

you could do some cool things with the ast module to basically define shaders in python and then cross compile.

the rest of it would be a command queue thing written as a c module, and a nice data driven rendering api for setting up a compositing graph.

and some useful boilerplate like 3d model importing etc.

Grandfather sky is considered to be an omen of good luck… at the cost of others. it is a balancing force, bringing power to places without and taking it away from the places with. Shares ancestry with Uncle Carbuncle slime.global/media/k2x0OPPIAAZ

ExMachina: isn't that part of the extension which provides
glDriverBugs(GL_FALSE); ?
Knghtbrd: no, glDriverBugs() is part of EXT_help_me.
which also contains glMakeItWork(GL_PLEASE);

@aeva basic gist is termux + smol bluetooth kbd. Kind of excited to use orgzly in tandem with that though

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thinking about writing a blog post about my adventures in finding a usable emacs / org-mode setup on android.

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