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Clear blue skies in Tokyo after yesterday's torrential rains. It looks like a good day for wandering around.

Here are some lazy cats just hanging out.

Preparing to do some craft-beer bar research tomorrow. It's hard to believe but Tokyo now has two different Pacific Northwest-themed beer bars. PDX specializes in Portland beers, and Pacific NW leans more towards Seattle and Washington State....

Here's a sweet cat from a cat cafe in Oshiage, Tokyo.

77 degrees F today in Tokyo with blue skies - a nice day to take architectural photos.

Here is one of Japan's mysterious "tunnel cats" in its native habitat, a cat cafe in Shizuoka.

Capybara chorus at Nasu Animal Kingdom. The two dozen capybaras in the park have their own swimming pool and hot-spring bath.

It's 77 degrees F in Tokyo today, going up to 79 by mid-afternoon. It's a nice day for a picnic in the park (which is where I'm heading soon).
Here's a cat in a box....

There's never a dull moment at Hitoyasumi cat cafe in Nagoya!

Hello from Tokyo! It's sunny and windy today, which means gusts of cherry blossoms on my street. Here's a surprised cat.


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