Enjoying a refreshing dip in one of the two capybara swimming pools at Nasu Animal Kingdom.

Happy Showa Day! Golden Week is here!

I'm going to celebrate with a visit to Tokyo's first yakitori theme park.

I wish I could go to a capybara cafe whenever I wanted a relaxing capybara break, but I suspect that it might be a difficult business to set up and maintain. In the meantime there's Nasu Animal Kingdom....

I wonder if it's only in Japan that Google Music has such enticing names and descriptions for their curated music stations.

I'm currently listening to "Room Cleaning with Instrumental Sound in Breeze" - a collection of music to listen to while you clean your room, which includes Yusef Lateef and Ahmed Jamal....

Next up is "Be Powerful and Cool with Acid Jazz" which promises "Stylish acid Jazz sound makes your inner power rise more than just powerful straight sound." Looking forward to that!

Interesting-looking cat art event in Meguro (Tokyo) starting this Wednesday (4/26) - 1000 cat-themed paintings, sculptures, photographs and ceramic works by nine artists.


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