I wish I could go to a capybara cafe whenever I wanted a relaxing capybara break, but I suspect that it might be a difficult business to set up and maintain. In the meantime there's Nasu Animal Kingdom....

@Umami_Dearest I LOVE CAPYBARAS. Chillest rodents on the planet!

@geeceevee Capybaras really are the best! They're fun to hang out with too!

@Umami_Dearest Yes! I lived in Japan for a while an while visiting a friend in Kyushu we went to a zoo and I got to chill with some baby capybara! I had to be dragged out...😍

@geeceevee Do you remember if it was Nagasaki BioPark? That seems to be one of the best capybara spots in Japan....

@Umami_Dearest YUP that's the one (I'm horrible with names and it's been so long since I've been back) 😢

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