LB I think we have to be careful thinking that we're "redistributing" tech skills. We're asking (often marginalized) people to give up their time and to spend their own money for hosting costs to build this community

If we were talking about moving labor out of the mainstream tech industry and giving it to Masto dev and upkeep, that would be a different thing than what we're doing now--asking people who are just as beholden to capitalism as the rest of us to dedicate more time and labor to this community.

I'm not saying people shouldn't or can't do that, but it does have a cost, and in this case both a time/labor and monetary cost (for domains, hosting).

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@amy don't mean this as a subtoot, but didn't want to spam, thus the late tag. :)

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@Styger It's cool! You bring up some very good points. The socialism aspect of Mastodon definitely breaks down at a certain level because the underlaying infrastructure for the web is still beholden to market forces. ISPs and servers cost money, and automation of server maintenance and community moderation is not there yet, so it's not like set it and forget it. "Who pays those costs and how sustainable is it?" are important questions.

@ReadyKilowatt of course, and many are doing so or considering it. My point is that it's false to assume that it is free, either monetarily or from requiring someone's labor.

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