what's cool about Stitch Fix 

Stitch Fix was AMAZING to interview with, and several soon-to-be coworkers have already reached out to welcome me. They've made a point of being excited about both my technical and communication/empathy skills, and letting me ask questions outside the management chain. I didn't have to negotiate, because they review comp regularly, pay fairly, and adjust when it doesn't match. They have standards for mentoring and career advancement... Basically, I'm thrilled :D

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It's official! I'm thrilled that I'll be starting at Stitch Fix next month! 🎉

@cyrinsong @polymer_witch are new account adds closed, or new accounts from specific user groups? Friend of mine requested an account for toot.cat and never heard back at all.

Crafty Wonderland Spring Market 

I have a booth at Crafty Wonderland's Spring Market,

this Saturday May 20 at the Oregon Convention Center from 11am-6pm.

Come say hello and buy a hat and check out the other stuff people made for you to buy. There are something like a million booths. craftywonderland.com/pages/abo


Anyone been interested in trying one of these luuup cat litter boxes? They're buy 2, get one free, so I was thinking I could order them and split it if you want one. I only need one. luuup.com

And my mom is coming to visit this week! Which is exciting! And we're going wedding dress shopping, I guess? I'm feeling weirdly shy about it!

You know how there's that traffic jam game you can play where you try and free the car, but to finish it you have to make everything even more terrible than it seemed when you started, and it seems impossible you'll ever escape, then suddenly like one thing falls into place and everything else just works?

Finally feeling like I'm getting to the just works part of New House. Only took 4 months. 😂

tech challenges 

TFW you know you didn't perform well on a CS tech challenge and you just wanna keep working on it forever til you learn the thing that you didn't know before you started.

hey masto folks, friends n #gamedev people

do you know of a cool indie game with LGBTQ or female or non-white characters in it? tell me about them!

(also pls boost this toot, i'd be super grateful! ✨ )

editor wars 

LB: I am crying over here, people, don't you have better things to do than give Gargron shit about editors??

I shouldn't have mentioned emacs. 😩 I don't care if you use emacs, vim, or telegraph your code line by line and indent using sandwhiches

ya'll, I opened all the windows and now it's _too warm_ in my house. Hallelujah!

Working on my permaculture design 101 class work, and came across this blog post about adding a "transition ethic" to the principles of working toward the world you want to live in. It's giving me a lot of thoughts about sustainaibilty of community groups and participation. blog.numundo.org/2016/02/16/tr

hey mastodon, do I follow anyone who could use a remote UNIX/Linux Sysadmin?

They are looking for speakers at nonbinary.tech for a conference about the work of nonbinary people in and around the tech industry. A free conference in London, UK.

Omggggggg, the dudes behind me on the flight from SFO to PDX were insufferable, entitled bros. I'm so glad to be escaping them soon...

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