Cards I've made the hubby the last few years. There is definitely a progress regarding my skill at making them. 😅


Friends - I will reiterate this one more time! No one, No law, no government, no constitution, no religion, no man has the right to tell a woman what she can do with her own body! WTF we are in 2021 and still having this conversation!


I feel like I should try all the different types of eggnog instead of automatically assuming it's disgusting. Having said that I'm already 🤢 at the thought of it.

Rewatching episodes of Voyager. I'm lucky hubby bought them on dvd years ago. Every time Harry Kim comes on the screen I'm waving Harrynetta around screaming I met you I met you. 🤣 I still can't believe I met some Star Trek actors like WHATTT.

Sharing this again. This cat rescuer is currently homeless and needs help.
Can you help Rebuild on the Generosity Network? Every little bit helps!

Can you help Rebuild on the Generosity Network? Every little bit helps!

Struggling to sleep so I've started Twilight book 2 New Moon. Twilight book 1 put me to sleep on my flight to Ireland so I'm hoping this book will put me to sleep now. 😴

My cat just tried growling so I picked her sassy ass up and kissed her face. She's run off now 🤣. She hates being picked up.

This cat rescuer is homeless and in need of help.

Can you help Build Back Better on the Generosity Network? Every little bit helps!

I've read 142 books so far this year so that's what 12.9 books a month or something 🤔. Maybe I should slow down 👀😳

Changed the battery in the tile that is around Harrynetta's neck. They'll never go missing.

Been anxious as hell and found myself eating nearly a whole pack of bikkies. I stopped the second I heard the news re Ahmaud Arbery. They were all found guilty. 🫂

Glad I'm home but man do I miss my sister and my niblings 😭. The rest not so much.

Someone is wearing way too much perfume or cologne on this bus like yikes. Nearly smells like they sprayed a whole bottle on themselves. 😳

Finally found the World War 2 monument in Cork City. I lived here most of my life and never spotted it before. I come back for a visit as I've moved away from Ireland years ago and voila found it. 😳

Hotel asked my sister and I to try some of their gluten free breakfast offerings. We of course obliged. Gluten free scones and apple pastry. Other photo is gluten and dairy free pancakes with fruit coulis and syrup.

So Harrynetta met Harry Kim 😳😍🤩 woohoo. He's so personable. I nearly tripped over my words talking to him.

I really, really dislike people who put their seats back on buses and planes. Yeah thanks a$$h0l3 I've now got a mouthful of seat.

London City Airport is so adorably small that it is almost like two airports had a baby and named it London City Airport 😅

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