I've been loving the Queen's Gambit, I wish there was more! I've also been playing a bunch of chess recently to combat COVID-boredom β™ŸοΈ

Yummy Food 

Made some delicious kimchi-jjigae using gochujang recently, it was so spicy and warming! πŸ”₯β€‹πŸ²β€‹

These are delicious!!! I think the idea is that these can be popped in the fridge as leftovers after cooking and make a really yummy portable lunch too 😊

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A little bit less filling in each than I’d like, but these are done and can go into the rice cooker three at a time! (I’d like to get a proper bamboo steamer at some point though)

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I took some beautiful pictures when it last snowed. Just a month back but it already feels so long ago! β„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ

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