Me: *lies down*
Cat: *climbs atop me and forms a geometrically perfect rectangular sphinx*
Me: yeah, you would do that
Cat: meow

Grading for 14 hours has me sad send cats

So when I gave my sample persauasive speech “Why Dogs Make Better Pets”, to my class a couple of weeks ago, I barely got a chuckle at these two slides, and I’m so disappointed.

*is suddenly atop the christmas tree*

Stages in my friends dad meeting her cat 

*hides behind a curtain, paws clearly visibl*

*stares at a speck of dust*
*suddenly Gets It*
*teleports to the nom bowls, nibbles, then teleports outside for a nice neighborhood stroll*

*sneaks into your recording studio and meows into the podcast*

a new visitor!
*runs upstairs and mysteriously disappears*

*stares very intently at a particular mote of dust, then meows at it to make it behave*

*enters into floof state, and levitates across the floor in a stately fashion*

*barges into the room*
*forgets what I was gonna do that was so urgent*
*sees a nap spot and goes for it*

selfie, cat 

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