windows OS gripes 

i sure do love this new update!
the one that deletes all your taskbar pins
and not much else


Lungs are a conspiracy theory invented by Big Breathing to sell more air

Help im becoming a rockies fan but ive only seen them lose
The power of purple
Im helpless against it

@cdmnky The LA Angels have the best worst name ever
The The Angels Angels


The cursed minos, the 5, 3, 2, and 1 square minos, have appeared in my sleepytime induced tetris effect

This, doesnt sound optimal

Self promo for some drunk rally driving stream


I cant watch contact field sports, they make my tummy hurt

I think im lacrosse intolerant

project cars 2 

been trying to learn the circuit de la sarthe, finally.
itd be nice to do a pseudo-enduro with time acceleration at once i pick a car i like
thinking either the R18 for prototypes, the corvette or bmw for the GTEs seem like something i can work with :3

Project cars 2 

LMP3 around SUGO
Caught me out a bit in the beginning but after some practice and learning the track, some setup changes, was nice
Next up
LMP3 round Bathurst

-, return policy advice wanted 

so my g29 wheel is squeaking loudly when i turn it and i want to return it want me to talk to Logitech about refunds and Logitech want me to talk to Very about refunds...
sent a ticket to logitech since they made the fkn thing
good luck i guess?


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