I got CATS! I started out with one cat....and yesterday i rescued a stray mama and her four very wild kittens. Im keeping them seperated from my kitty until a vet can check them out.

The mama has been left behind when her owner was evicted several months ago. I think most of the neighborhood leaves food and water out for her. I know during the winter ive let her inside.

About a month ago i could tell she was preggers. So ive been keeping an eye on her. Well I noticed she had lost her I followed her to her nest. She had made a hole in a full trash bag that is still at the home she used to live in. Inside this hole were four kittens. She actually let me get them out, and i brought them and her home. They now all have a home now!
Mama (Ive named Betty) is going to live with my son and he is also taking a kitten. My Daughter recently lost her two cats to old age. So she is going to take two kittens. And I am going to keep a kitten

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