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"Free speech" doesn't mean that people are required to give you a platform or listen to you. It means that an authoritarian agency won't punish you for speaking.

Your community still may respond to your speech and hold you accountable for any deleterious impacts, such as inciting violence or willful misrepresentation. Freedom within your society means accountability to your society. If no one wants to hear your crap, its not impinging on your rights to send you offstage.

Here's my caturday contribution: 2 cuddly floofs!!! (And an old, sleepy pupster in the background)


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PDX poverty 

I bought a Street Roots (a weekly newspaper that people experiencing homelessness and poverty can sell to earn some cash) from a little girl and her mother; the look on the mother's face -- joy and pride, at her daughter's confidence in asking people if they would like to buy a SR -- broke my heart and I went home and cried 😢

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Hi! I've decided to make toot.cat my permanent mastodon home! To celebrate: toot.cat/media/r8DihihbCMRgXD8


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