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Had an awesome afternoon and coffee with @rey

Ahh~ I'm so happy *wag wag*

NY state needs to chill out, 14Β°C is too warm for me

Playing gta while watching my partner play factorio, what are y'all up to?

If anyone wants to chill out with me in upstate NY, hit me up, let's see what we can do

Upstate New York is lovely everyone is so nice I love it so much oh and also. Wegmans πŸ’œ

Imagine Being A Professional Programmer And Not Being Allowed To Fix Your Tools When You Most Need Them

this post by proprietary software programmer crew

Being legally unable to work while living on your partner's money, sucks

It was lovely downtown today, I walked around in a t-shirt with my hoodie wrapped around my waist

America has some darn good food, but one horrible thing. Customs at LAX plays the food channel so just before you get accepted to enter the country, you're played with via the food shows

Affection, partnership 

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