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So the UK's National Insurance Number (NIN) is like the USA's Social Security Number (SSN) and Australia's Tax File Number (TFN)

not made for a universal ID but is used as one

So, last week, word went around that Trans Pride Seattle had drawn the attention of white nationalists, who are organizing a nearby rally at the same time.

In part because of the resulting increase in security-related costs, The Vulpine Club has signed on as a sponsor for Trans Pride Seattle!

If you want to help out, there's a couple ways to do it:

  1. If you'd like to help us recoup the sponsorship cost ($300), please use our terribly clunky and counterintuitive "e-commerce" site to pay via credit card. DM me if you want to send a check/MO. Anything beyond $300 will be donated to Trans Pride Seattle. Note: Payments to OwO Group LLC are not tax-deductible under US law.

  2. If you'd like to send money to Trans Pride Seattle / Gender Justice League directly, you can do so on their donations page.

  3. If you're in the area: be there, be safe, be proud, be loud! Even if you aren't trans, come out and show your support.

Thank you for being part of the #VulpineClub ! :heart_trans:​ -Rey

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hrt mention re: asking for money, long :boost_ok: 

mh -, homophobia, more info re: asking for money, long :boost_ok: 

more info re: asking for money, long :boost_ok: 

lmao People Got Madβ„’ that the official Rust Discord logo go changed to this and I am -here- for the whining.

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Reconstructions of VHS covers from the 80s(ish) seems like something @KitRedgrave - and possibly others - would enjoy:

asking for money, long :boost_ok: 

I made a long-distance-route-plotter for #EliteDangerous currently it's using BFS to compute the route, which is quite slow (almost 40 minutes for a route accross the galaxy, checks visits 73% of the 27M systems in EDSM), i tried using a priority queue with the distance to the goal as the priority but that returned a sub-optimal route) and i can't do bi-directional BFS because of how the search is currently implemented (KD-Tree -> get neares neighbors in radius , queue those)

okay im trying to figure out the film where someone hacked a system with a gameboy (color?) while said system was trying to stop/kill them

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