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Just accepted a load of follow requests, sorry for the late response

@karen strings are just int arrays

everything is either an int or an array

Sorry I've been absent for ages, I now reside in NY, America rather than Sydney, Australia, it's nice and cool

I'm alive. I just eugh bad state computer wise and otherwise, so hot here :(

worry for friend 

has anyone heard from Cattebune/Kaylee recently?

I hope someone has heard from cattebune... I miss them

so Windows 10 is refusing to boot, apparently it never made a recovery/restore point... so well i dunno what to do

Facebook has kicked me out today because of their Real Names policy – this comes at a difficult time for me personally,, as an activist and professionally. Much of my life depends on facebook. I have been told to upload a fake ID, but I dont have that haha – does anyone have any advice? (other than saying goodbye to facebook?)

Everything I long to do
no matter where or
when or who
has one thing in common too

It's a sin

boost and tomorrow morning i'll shuffle my spotify top 100 and tell you what song comes up. no extra skips, no omissions, no excuses

ok, maybe some excuses

and shes posting a toot
and hes tooting one back
and shes left it unread
and he boosts it right back now
she turn off her app now
and its killing meeee

open up the weird repliiiies
mr reply guy

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