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retoot this if you wouldn't mind your icon defending you in a fist fight

what was that virtual FPGA again, I think catoutofbed linked me before.

I'm not against 'post-filesystem' system designs per se. I actually think a lot of 'post-filesystem' designs would be kind of cool. LIke orthogonal persistence.

Or a database like system where you have copious metadata on objects and navigate through various views of them.

What I don't like is the garbage way Android decided to do things such that every application scans the entire phone and looks for a given filetype and adds them all to its catalog indiscriminately.

(Yes, I know about .nomedia. .nomedia improves matters, but that it's needed shows the design is fundamentally stupid.)

Also the catalogs don't seem to be very good for managing very large amounts of content. And metadata and organization from one application seems not to be portable to other applications.

(Of course we already know that the 'apps own data' paradigm is BAD AND WRONG AND MUST NOT BE ALLOWED, but…)

1,753,359 accounts
+989 in the last hour
+19,677 in the last day
+23,378 in the last week

okay honestly, fedi is moving way too fast so, I'm gonna take a break cya on discord

@Β codeawayhaley has so many alts so i dunno how to find them but they were working on a Tumblr replacement

holy fuck shut up about john green for the love of fucking god stop it

Where are people #hosting their #writing, now that #Tumblr is going down? I'm looking for:
- Pseudonymity
- RSS, possibly WebMention or federation
- Customizability of templates, taxonomy and layout, as a static site.
- Scriptable deploy interface for said customizations, whether that's Git, SSH, or SFTP: web editors not desired
- (optional) custom domain

These don't have to be all in the same place. I'd happily split stuff across a host that does customization and a host that does RSS/feeds.

new hobby: switching "the" and "a" in sentences to make them more interesting.

"just took a shower"? Boring.

"just took the shower"? mysterious. Where Do You Take it? How?

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can we all agree that @ johngreen is in a quantum superposition between being the real johngreen and some rando

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