FYI, you only need to delete the cookie from and to get around the the pop which tells you that the number of free trials are are over on The New York Times.

@bunnyjane eee my hours into DQ Builders finally mean something :D hehe

I'll have more resin a lot sooner than I thought, so I was able to put Slime Friend up for sale in my Etsy shop early!

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I thought today was Monday, I'm just waiting for self isolation to end...mew.

@alexandria it's okay I have Factorio to keep me happy and distracted :3 :D

covid-adj, megacorp 

@steph that'd be lovely, thanks for the thought, hope you're doing well too <3

@steph im.. so so, doing okay, lil lonely but other than that good :)

im okay re: Covid-19, personal 

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