@LottieVixen i have a couple issues with it but i'm still early on so Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

overall i do like it

@monorail ah... i wish i could afford it, everyone who i ask about it is too busy in it to respond so thank you for something :D

@LottieVixen i was going to reply to you but i decided to make it a top-level post glaceon.social/@monorail/10356

this sounds pretty negative but the things i mention really aren't huge deals. i still very much like the game so far

Neither of these issues seem like they'd be an issue for me, IVs/breeding aren't something i do often or ever understood why you'd do it.

grinding i do in every other game so it existing or not doesn't bother me much.

I'd respond on the main post but i forgot how to do that because it opens in a new tab

@monorail understood, or understood why (IVs stuff)

I play for fun

@monorail coming from me playing EVE Online/Spreadsheet simulator as it's called... IVs do sound interesting

@LottieVixen you do it because otherwise players who do it have an advantage over you :p but if that's not something you care about then it's a non-issue

(on mastodon you should be able to paste the link into the search bar to force the post to federate to you and be able to interact with it, but i dunno what software toot.cat is on)

@LottieVixen no, but breeding for good stats is only really a concern if you want to get competitive. if you don't, it doesn't make enough of a difference to matter

@monorail ah... im not a competitive person, nice to know i don't really need to pay attention to it :3 thankie

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