So the UK's National Insurance Number (NIN) is like the USA's Social Security Number (SSN) and Australia's Tax File Number (TFN)

not made for a universal ID but is used as one

@LottieVixen yeah

i don't think it's nearly as bad as SSN in the US though

@kurisu well I needed an NIN to open a bank account, I need it to get welfare I right now I don't see how it differs

@LottieVixen oh... i don't think i needed one for that just a passport or other ID

@kurisu @LottieVixen

the NI number is used as an identifier for all taxation and state benefits (as intended), but since
15 years there are more precautions against money laundering at banks and a massive push to cross reference DWP records with those of the DVLA and Home Office (Passport records) - this is done at several points when you get a driving licence (you now need your NI number as well as home address and licence number to view your DVLA online records)

@kurisu @LottieVixen

I wouldn't call it a conspiracy as such (everything leading up to it has been discussed out in the open and is published online on govt websites) but young people in UK have been nudged toward accepting the existence of a citizens ID database as a necessity and being on it as a rite of passage (there is a lot more age checking for access to anything age-restricted such as night time venues/alcohol/tobacco and vaping supplies..)

@LottieVixen @kurisu

I used to get carded all the time but it stopped a few years ago, I suspect because I've put on some weight and shop workers/security guards nowadays get put on "cultural awareness" courses where they are taught stuff like Asians tend to get wider after their 30s (even if they don't get any taller) πŸ˜†

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