@LottieVixen It's an excellent all-rounder but I find myself flying my Krait MkII a lot more.

@izaya heh deep core mining πŸ‘Œ made a lotta money with it

@LottieVixen I haven't done a huge amount of it tbh
I just flew around while some friends were mining taking out all the pirates that went after them.
@LottieVixen I did Smeaton Orbital passenger runs for my first billion.

@izaya heck iive never heard of it, i did erm ceos for a bit and rescue missions

@LottieVixen yeah it hasn't been a thing for a long time, you could make $$$ transpoting like 100 passengers a run 40 minutes in SC before they patched it, it completely threw off the background simulation
@LottieVixen gonna be even better once I put together my new keyboard - it's a split keyboard, which will mean I can have throttle, left side keyboard, flight stick, right side keyboard, rather than having the throttle and stick on opposite sides of the keyboard

eventually, gotta be game to do SMD soldering

@izaya friend of mine did SMD without a fine tip....they magic.

sorry erm am tireds sounds good

@LottieVixen been browsing local markets looking for a nice soldering iron with a flat tip, that's what Dave recommends
maybe I'll just murder a screwdriver

anyway I got work for a few hours but we should play some E:D some time

@izaya we should play together, next week I'll be arriving in England so might be better TZ wise then to play together

@LottieVixen The Krait paint job was free around Christmas, incredibly garish in the best possible way.

@LottieVixen Anaconda is good from what I recall. Very much a good upgrade.

@LottieVixen i'm asking myself the same question except i only have half the money right now

@314 wanna go mining together? I can help you get some monies

@LottieVixen nah thanks i'll figure it out
also i'm 250 jumps from the bubble cause i decided to go to colonia in an asp explorer back in january and haven't had the patience to go back yet haha

@314 i can come to you but okai :3

I wanna go to Colonia someday

@LottieVixen it's probably better to think it through well than to just go off on the journey a week before exams and with a less-than-good-enough fuel scoop

@314 oh gosh i always fit biggest slot fuel scoop A rated

@LottieVixen in the end that's exactly what i swapped the cargo rack for at the first station i could find on the way
bringing time in system below one minute made it much more bearable
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