hey @webmaster@every.web.site hurry up and support rel="me" links already

distributed identity verification is the best thing and i see ny'all not supporting it

i mean look at this

that's the profile section on my web site, and the red x means that i couldn't get that service to rel="me" link back to my personal site

come ON, people

@LottieVixen well, rel= is an attribute you can put onto a link in html to describe what that link "means" relative to the current page - rel="next" for "this is the go-to-next-page link" and rel="canonical" for "this is the official url for this article, without shortening nonsense" are two common ones

rel="me" means "the page i'm linking is controlled by the same person as the current page", and if you have rel="me" links bidirectionally (say, on my github profile and on my personal site) then you have reasonably strong proof that i'm the same person in both places

rel="me" is currently used by indieauth.com/ to authenticate with certain sites As Your Domain Name. it's pretty cool

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