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How it feels like talking about Mastodon on Reddit

Over did it massively last week and suffering now as a result. So tired that last night I got up for a pee and woke up from a dream on the bog at least an hour later with numb legs.

The last time I fell asleep on the loo was when I had glandular fever.

Now I'm lying in bed feeling both knackered and like I'm ready to crawl out of my own skin. Argh.

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Trans flag handwarmers! £15 plus P&P from the UK to wherever you are.

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Pixie managed to get hold of our grey cover she loves so much, but she’s usually not allowed to cover with hair. Look at her satisfying sleep 😼

‪Really irritated by the scene in in which Sigourney Weaver gets half naked.‬

‪There's no good reason for it.‬

‪The scene would be the same without it.

The only reason it was included was to get Weaver down to a bra. ‬

‪Now I've seen it, I can't unsee it either. 😡🤬‬

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@cassolotl kinda thought it might be worth a reminder that instance admins are able to operate above and beyond any controls, and then I got silly.

Obviously first post here must be a cat post. This is Spock. He's a furry bundle of awesome.

Also pure evil.


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