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Getting a tattoo today (redux). This time my tattoo artist is picking me up at home, luxury!

Just found out there's a death metal band called Cannabis Corpse and now I feel like I can face the day.

Morning music: Frank Zappa & Ensemble Modern, "G-Spot Tornado" live 1992 with interpretive dance.

Crafty Wonderland Spring Market 

Reminder tomorrow, come to the Oregon Convention Center and say hi.

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Hey, Portland, OR folks: TODAY is the LAST DAY to DROP OFF your ballots. 2,000 votes can change the outcome here, so VOTE!

Sorry for all the shouting, but there look to be several tight races.


Trunp revealed highly classified intel to the Russians during the photo op debacle. Every day he does something worse than the day before and it's fucking relentless.

Then again, Hillary Clinton used a private emails server(?) or something so PHEW dodged that bullet.

Crafty Wonderland Spring Market 

I have a booth at Crafty Wonderland's Spring Market,

this Saturday May 20 at the Oregon Convention Center from 11am-6pm.

Come say hello and buy a hat and check out the other stuff people made for you to buy. There are something like a million booths.


I voted today. It felt sort of like putting mail in the box but more democracy-ish.

Congrats to France for not electing a nazi the way we did.

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